Saturday, April 17, 2010

Some Like It Hotter

Yes Femme Fatale's, it's about that time. The time of year when "skinny bitches" (sorry, there's just no other way to express it...) from everywhere get to show off their year round pursuit of perfection. That's right, for 9 months out of the year, their regiment consists of hitting the gym everyday, for a minimum of 2 hours, low or no-carbing it, and a diet of general starvation... all in the name of "Bikini season" or what the rest of us have come to know simply as...Summer. And while the majority of us try desperately to hide our bodies as best we can during this time period, the "size 0 - 6 range" usually go out of their way to find the skimpiest, skinniest, itsy bitsy, teeny weeny bikinis they can find, in an effort to flaunt what god gave them (...or better yet, what they've had altered, nipped, tucked, sucked, purged, lazered and bronzed). And while "standard" sized women frolick on the beach in their sexy, care free bathing suits, many of us plus-sized ladies are left to scour the dregs of the 3 styles of Miraclesuit that retailers are offering that season (or sometimes the same reproduced/ongoing styles from 1989...BLEH).

But alas, "times are-a changin'"...and with a surge in plus-sized fashion interest, retailers are FINALLY answering the demand for more fashion forward, sexy bathing suit options with everything from vibrant tribal prints to jewel embellishments down to cutting edged designs and materials, while still keeping in mind the support and control that we full-figured ladies so desperately need. My favorite swimwear collection of the season is surprisingly Newport News' Shape FX® Collection, which is not only moderately priced but is also "designed to flatten, tighten, lift, enhance & sculpt" without sacrificing style and promoting sexy. Here are a few of my favorites from the Shape FX® collection along with a few other "HOTATATACHACHACHA" finds...

(Women's Metallic Cross-Front Swimsuits, $49.50 available at; Jean Paul Gaultier for Target One Piece Monokini Swimsuit - Metallic Gold, $34.99 available at

("Barbados" Plunge V Plus Swimsuit - Black (and Gold), $148.00 available at (please note that this item is currently out of stock); "St. Tropez" Fringe Plus Size Swimsuit - Fuschia Pink (and Black), $135.00 available at

(Shape fx® Sculpting & bust-enhancing corset-style maillot, $39 - 49.00 available at; Shapefx® Bust-enhancing plunge-neck suit, $59 - 64.00 available at

(Shape fx® All-over control shirred one-shoulder suit, $49 - 54.00 available at; Profile by Gottex Plus Size Swimsuit, Tribal One Piece, $128.00 available at

Remember ladies, when choosing the right swimsuit for you, figure out what part of your body you'd like to accentuate most and which body part you'd like to draw attention away from. Keep in mind that deep v-neck/plunging/halter neckline styles will focus more attention on your bust, while corset styles will accentuate an hourglass waistline, and ombre style swim suits (darker on bottom and lighter just under the bustline) will camouflage any extra poundage on the tummy/waist area. Remember though that the absolute WORST "fashion faux paux" that you can make in a swimsuit is LACKING CONFIDENCE because it is a fact that discomfort spreads. And why should you lack confidence anywho? Afterall, It is a fact that our body types are what inspired men to carve stone! Therefore, it is imperative that the suit you choose is not only comfortable for you, but also makes you feel like the Femme Fatale that you are...:)

Until Next time F5's and Skorch Dolls...

Stay D'lish


P.S. This summer anthem NEVER DIES!! Had to throw it back for all of the 80's babies! :)


Ann Campeau said...

I think I HAVE to have that metallic suit from Old Navy. Thanks for posting such a great find!!

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