Saturday, April 10, 2010

OOTD: Alpine Fa(t)shion

Over Easter, my Mr Darcy and I went to Switzerland for a spot of sledging which meant ski-gear, freezing temperatures, extreme fun, sweaty exercise and intense layering...

This, my friends, is a post on Alpine Fatshion.


You MUST layer in such cold climates. The thing is, because I knew I'd be sledging (which is actually rigorous exercise: hurtling down a curvy, steep mountain at pace), I also had to choose the RIGHT layers. A Sports Bra was just the start...

I wore thermal, ski-friendly leggings and a thermal singlet/vest. Over the singlet, I wore a very light, Uniqlo HeatTech t-shirt (which you can see, above). This was an AMAZING buy and literally kept me warm and relatively sweat-free - it was also ultra light. Over the tights, I wore a cheap pair of track/sweat pants.

Oh yes, I also wore THREE pairs of socks. You want your toes to stay warm. You want thick/thermal socks, and make sure they are LONG! Multiple pairs also means that there is a lot of space between your wet shoes and warm toes!


Buy proper snow pants and a proper snow jacket. That may seem like a no-brainer, but if something is labeled "snow-proof" or "ski-wear", you know it will be warm, waterproof and durable. I sized-up my ski pants to make room for the layers I wore underneath. Now, snow gear can run expensive, but I bought mine in sales which drastically reduced costs... AND the pants are BRIGHT PINK. They could not be more awesome!


Shoes need a thick sole and should either be waterproof (at the least) or snow proof. I bought Karrimor hiking boots which were pretty great although needed to sit by the heater at the end of every day. You will also want proper snow gloves/goggles and then cute accessories. No kidding, to compliment my pink pants and billion layers, I wanted hot little touches. I took a pretty woolen scarf, paparazzi sunglasses (because it can be very bright in the snow), a cute silver necklace, silver hair-clip and fancy Canadian Olympic mittens for going out at night.

I loved my Easter break, but it would have been extremely hard going had I not been prepared. You can look super fatshionable in the snow - even when sledging down a mountain at supreme pace - just start with your layers and work from there. And for all you non-skiers... well, sledging is a fantastic and fun place to start your snow-sport love. You basically sit on your butt and fly down a mountain - there are basic runs to get you started and in no time, your balance, confidence and adrenaline will have you wanting to go back for more and more.

Ski Tights: No Fear
Thermal Singlet: Marks and Spencer
T-shirt: Uniqlo HeatTech
Track Pants: The Cheapest Ever!
Ski Jacket: Campri
Shoes: Karrimor Waterproof Hiking Boots

Okay... Sunshine - come and get me!

Smooch. Em. x.


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