Saturday, April 24, 2010

Full Figured Women Catching The Eye Of Readers, But May Lower Self Esteem?

A recent study by Arizona State University, the University of Cologne and Erasmus University shows that the result of using full-figured models in magazines has been mixed. It seems that the appearance of full-figured models on the covers of well-distributed magazines has an adverse affect on consumers. The self-esteem of some women actually dropped after having seen plus-size models on magazine covers like V and the new Vogue Curvy.

The study declared the presence of full-figured models as having a negative impact on sales, influenced by that drop in self esteem. One model referenced in the study is 5’9”, with measurements of 38”, 36”, 46”. The swimsuit she wore was 18W (which fits true to size and accommodates up to a size D cup). Although the findings are, for the most part, unsubstantiated, it proves that the new full-figured fad has obstacles it must overcome if it is to flourish.

Longitude Thailand Plus Size Mock Surplice Swimdress SwimsuitMany Americans are tired of seeing wafer-thin models grace the covers of major periodicals, but magazine editors are reluctant to put real women on those covers. Conversely, our full figured models on have generated heaps of praise from customers.

It remains to be seen whether plus sized models on magazines are a passing fad, but all indicators seem to show such magazines continue to sell well—good news for full figured women nationwide who have had to deal with unrealistic expectations for years, and good news for fashion aficionados who enjoy seeing real women display the newest styles and bring the idea of “sexy” back to fuller models of the 50’s and early 60’s.

Do you think full-figured models are here to stay, or will they quickly be replaced by more wafer-thin models?




Jerry Jerome Jackson said...

As a personal preference, I L-O-V-E a full figured, curvaceously shaped woman and they are Soooo Sexy! Where the idea, that the waif look is in or attractive, is a total Misnomer! My love of These Beautiful Women, has inspired me to start my own lingerie line, called "DRAWLS by JERRY JEROME, for ALL Curvaceously shaped women...The focus is on C-U-R-V-E-S... Keep doing your thing, Lovely Ladies...High Respect!

Jennifer said...

Why must we use the phrases full-figured or plus-sized? Why can't we refer to ourselves as regular sized or normal? Why can't models before refered to as extra small sized or small figured?

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