Sunday, January 31, 2010

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Asian Inspired Brocade on Some Kick Ass Boots

When I think of Asian inspired footwear, I think of the little Mary Jane slippers that all of the girls in my class bought from street vendors while on a seventh grade trip to NYC. I remember one of my friend's who had a pair fall apart in a matter of days! Looks like the options to get that brocade fabric look just grew up!

I wanted to share these fab boots that were spotted at a little bar in Charleston, SC last weekend. While I was out celebrating a successful photo shoot for an upcoming interview, my friend Arlene (the subject of said shoot/interview) spotted a gal in these funky boots while waiting in line for the ladies room! LOL Arlene told her she loved her shoes, and she then pulled up her pant leg to show us the full extent of their awesomeness. The faux-furry accents just added to the luxe look. She was a cute gal, but, nonetheless, the boots were cuter! 

Jessica O'Brien
Beauty Editor

The 'look' I remember:

New ways to rock the brocade: (The blog that includes this pair of boots) (The blog that includes this pair of boots)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Gabourey Sidibe Hearts SWAK

Gabourey Sidibe Hearts SWAK
Re-blogged from Brickhouse of Style

This could be just the break the folks at Sealed with a Kiss Designs, also known as SWAK, had been looking for. It appears actress Gabourey Sidibe is a fan of their's and has been seen out-and-about in their clothing more than once. The LA Times reports the star of "Precious" wore SWAK's "Giselle" dress to an industry function last week. SWAK's owner says Sidibe’s stylist also dropped in this week t see more of the trendy styles.

Of course we had to pop over to SWAK to check out the latest dress designs and quite a few popped out at us.

You can see more of SWAK's styles here.


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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

SKORCH partners with ROCK SOLID PR

SKORCH Magazine partners with Kirri Liepins-Director, Rock Solid PR & Fanbase Relations - for all PR and Media Relations.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

MODEL CALL | Big Gals Lingerie | Pay $30-$50 Per Hour

If you are located in the Southern California area, here's a great modeling opportunity for you from a fantastic SKORCH Magazine Advertiser!!!

Shoot will be: 10am -2pm on Sat. Feb 27 in Laguna Beach, CA

For: Spring/Summer 2010 Campaign

Looking for:
Ages 19 to 28
Height 5ft6 and up
Size 16 to 24

Pay will be $30 to $50 an hour depending on experience.
Shoot will last at least 4 hours.
Makeup artist will be provided.

Will be mostly bikinis and swimwear, with some lingerie and club-wear mixed in.
Some experience preferred.

To apply to this model call you need to email the following info to
-Phone Number
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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Real Bodies Unite Campaign - Sign the Petition

Women appeal for fashion industry to Get Real!

Real Bodies Unite is appealing to all those women fed up of being bombarded with images of super-skinny, emaciated models, by launching a global campaign to raise 10,000 signatures for the use of realistic body representation in fashion.

Real Bodies Unite is campaigning to get realistic imagery in every field of the fashion industry. The Campaign needs over 10,000 signatures to present to the fashion houses to prove the perspectives and insecurities women feel when unrealistic and airbrushed imagery is used in fashion.

Plus size resource and community website,, has launched the nationwide campaign today (20 January 2010) asking for the support of individuals who are disillusioned with the unrealistic and airbrushed imagery used by the fashion industry.

Although the average British woman is deemed a size 14, use of realistic bodies and beauty is something rarely seen in the fashion industry, which continues to use size six models at best. This misrepresentation often leads to body insecurities with young girls and teenagers turning to unhealthy measures to lose weight, even considering surgery. Girlguiding UK found one in two 16-21 year olds would consider surgery to change their appearance.

“Women across the world want to push forward change.” Explained owner of 100 Percent People; Kathryn Whatton.

There has been a huge response from individuals worldwide regarding body representation which has been seen in renowned women’s magazines; Glamour, V and Brigitte, suggesting that women do want to see real bodies. A recent study conducted by ComRes found 90% of people agreed that the media and advertising industry should use models with a broader range of body sizes. The campaign hopes to improve the body confidence of women, men and teens alike, ultimately reducing eating disorders and creating a healthy body image amongst society.

Kathryn adds, “The petition can be signed at the click of a button, it is simple. Just go on to and help us with our cause.”

For further information please contact:

Sarah Jones

Website manager


Notes to editor

About 100% People

The website, which has been in operation since 2005, has now become the No. 1 Plus size resource website in the UK, however globally it has 3000 visitors a day. Creator, Kathryn, became aware very early on that being plus size, and that could mean even having large feet or being extra tall, not only affects women but men and children and that is why 100% People was created.

The site has become the oracle for anything to do with the plus size market. Bringing together information on news, health, fashion, entertainment, style advice, publications, exciting competitions and the most extensive and comprehensive shopping directory.

100% People provides a support system with a growing community where like minded individuals can come together.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Plus Size Valentine's Lingerie |

plus size lace bustier corset and plus size lingerie

Our Featured Plus Size Lingerie and Club Wear Styles!
metallic foil leggings
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Blue Ice Strapped Satin Corset

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Two Tone Zebra & Fishnet Dress

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Long Lace Flared Tie Front Robe

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Lace & Chiffon Two Tone Babydoll

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Off Shoulder Lace Babydoll

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Off Shoulder Lace Babydoll

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

January Issue of SKORCH LIVE!

It's Sexy. It's Fierce. The January Issue of SKORCH is the voice of plus size fashion. Subscribe and join the revolution today for only $1 a month paid via PayPal.

Monday, January 11, 2010

NBC looks at the myth that "fat = unhealthy"

"Healthy and Fit Can Come in Many Sizes"
NBC looks at the myth that "fat = unhealthy"

By Jessica O'Brien, Beauty Editor

After watching this video, and hearing the assumption that is presented about the heavier woman, I see this is a great example of what I go through some times as a plus size woman. After moving from Massachusetts to South Carolina with my husband in fall 2008, I was rejected by two different insurance companies because of my weight. I begged and pleaded for them to let me appeal. I told them to do the research to see my weight loss results over the past three years, and to look at things like my fitness abilities and how phenomenal my physicals look on paper as a measure of my health and risk. I have great cholesterol (including great triglycerides and HDL), great BP, great resting pulse, etc... Even at my highest weight of 350ish, I had great numbers. I'm not saying everyone at that weight reads so healthy, but for me, that's how it was.

Yes, I need to lose more weight for my future health, but wouldn't taking overweight people on to insurance company and providing incentives to help foster healthy habits be a more positive approach vs. giving me one less chance to have proper health coverage? I did finally find a company to cover me on an individual plan in October '08, but, basically, the coverage sucks. To boot, I pay a $75 per month "surcharge" because of my BMI. I need to weight under 216 for 6 consecutive months to get the charge dropped. Yes, it is easy to just say that I should lose the weight. And, some day, hopefully this year, maybe next, I will be below that weight.

My point is that I am not going to hit a crash diet to get to that weight, and I am very happy that I *am* as healthy as I am today. I do not need a number on the scale to define my self worth.

This video also brings up a term called "Normal Weight Obesity" which I think is important for people to hear about. Thin doesn't always equal healthy, and overweight doesn't always equal unhealthy. Health is not just the "absence of disease". Like the doctor discusses at the end, it's really not a "get out of jail free card" for people to just go and gain weight, but a wake up call to our society that fitting into a size 2 does not guarantee a clean bill of health. Yes, there are people who may naturally be a size 2, but most women are not. Like I mentioned on the SKORCH Face Book page about one of the Dove videos that speak to "fabricating beauty" via Photoshop, families need to reinforce to our young ladies that bodies come in different sizes and shapes, and I'll be damned if my future daughters don't have anything else in their life than a positive self image!

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Friday, January 1, 2010



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