Monday, April 12, 2010

OOTD: The Green Eyed Monster

So I think that today's title is perfect, because I am currently being HATED on. So that Green Eyed Monster title fits. Jealousy in this office is running rampant. I have never done anything to anyone to deserve being treated like this. I still can't go into complete details but it hurts. It hurts when someone you trusted as a mentor stabs you in the back like this.

It also fits because this morning when I couldn't bear to look at the ugly drab gray and black outfit in the mirror I knew I needed a kick of color. I wanted to be kick ass today and I needed my color to be equally strong. Pink, purple, nor teal seemed to fit. So I grabbed my green tank and immediately envisioned the matching eye shadow. The accessories were an after thought but I think it all works. I am really proud of this outfit for two reasons. I took a risk matching 3 colors (which I rarely do) and I am still showing up looking professional. Regardless if I am not being treated professionally. What do my divas think?

BTW, I really appreciate all the support I get here. If not for this blog and my writing in general I don't know where I would be.

Outfit Breakdown

Skirt: Torrid

Tank: Wal-mart

Sweater: Faith21

Stilettos: Michael Shannon (Off Broadway Shoes)

Earrings: Target

Necklace: Vibrant Artwear

Ring: Torrid

Bracelet: Dots

Eye shadows: MAC & NYC

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Anonymous said...

You look amazing -- ignore the haters-- they have nothing better to do.

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