Monday, April 19, 2010

Purplesque Self Acceptance

What do you get if you mix

.. delicious purple and

.. over the top burlesque?

Honey, let me tell you, mixed right it gets you one of my fashion heroes: the iconic style icon Dita von Teese! This woman is fierce! I love her style, which to me is all about embracing your curves and not apologizing for showing them of! Now there`s a recipe for exuberance and fun! (Yes, AND sex ;) )

Dita von Teese working her curves in a formfitting purple treat

As far as I am concerned this life is all about accepting ourselves and giving everything the best we`ve got, and I am happy to tell you that after I stopped coming down hard on my self (such hard work, totally worth it) my life and achievements have soared. In terms of fashion that has opened me up to loving my shape, educating my self on what silhouettes best show off my assets and downplay my flaws (all though my husband -bless him- insists that every part of me is beautiful, but of course this may be an example of his wisdom seeing as how he has to/gets to live with me). More than anything this style-voyage has helped me travel into previously uncharted territory: COLOR! Let`s just say I have arrived! Wearing color helps me feel all woman, and I love it.

Here`s my latest Purlesque project, a sheer purple dress made from fabric I had lying around that plays up my curves:

Purple dress mixed with leopard scarf from H&M, Gray belt, Booties from Skopunkten and Hoover displaying the dress :)

Detail of rough meets sheer

Detail of the purple earrings from H&M, brown ring from Croatia that my husband got me for our fourth wedding anniversary

Detail of leopard meets purple

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Actually, just check all of them out, they`re all about loving our selves! ;)


Stiletto Siren said...

Love Dita and purple! Thanks for sharing!


Anika said...

thanks hon!
XXX Anika

ankara evden eve nakliyat said...

very nice blog thank you :)

Anika said...

Thanks for that Ankara :)

xxx Anika

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