Saturday, April 24, 2010

ASOS REVIEW: It's Official, We're An Item

Oh yes, you read correctly. Asos Curve and I, well.. We're an item. It's official! Rofl. I wish. Then I could get all of their stuff for freeeeee :( That's my dream.

Alas no, it is not to be. I did hit their sales though and bought some of their new additions! I still have a couple of bits to get/post but that'll be when I get my money :D


Spots, stripes and skirts - oh my! Oh yes. I bought TWO of these pencil skirts by accident, however I love it so much I'm damn well keeping it! This top is cropped and I can't wear it with much more than a pencil skirt otherwise my belly would show, and I don't want that! The top is comfy and has a pocket (you know I love me some pockets,) and the skirt is comfy too. The skirt has a zip up one side, it's a size 22 and can be a squeeeeeeze to get on, but once it's on it was comfy and fine. I like it enough that I won't send back for a 24. The length is perfect. I have some tights on the way so my pasty legs won't look so bad ;)



Stiletto Siren said...

Very cute dear! Love it!

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