Sunday, April 18, 2010

Playing Dress Up

Ever since I was a little girl growing up in Paris my fashion has been all about dresses, many of which my mother used to sew for me.

This is me at about three years old, holding on to my brother :)

Growing up I took to sewing my own dresses, inspired by my lovely mum. I love the look and feel of flowing fabrics, and (hehe) it also solves the problem of not finding jeans that fit my so called "hourglass honey"-shape.

(If you want to find out about your shape and what is the perfect fit for you check out a previous blog called "Its all about the shape girls").

This is my absolute favorite dress these days, that I dress up and down accordingly, but lets face it, we`re mostly talking dressed UP :)

Who says fuller figures can`t wear white? I had a personal fashion breakthrough when I sewed this dress from two Vero Moda dresses.

Detail of the black waistband I added to the dress


Amor said...

You did a fantastic job on that dress!! Your construction skill are impeccable, even if it is two dresses sewn together! BRAVO!! Love the bottom ruffle detail and the added empire sash! Beautiful! :)

Anika said...

Thanks so much!Really appreciate your comments:)(the black sash actually used to be a pillow hahah)

I think I need to do a post on all my two-become-one dresses, it`s one of the most frequent things I do with my fashion :D

Em. x. said...

I would love to see that (a post on 2-1 dresses) - it is so innovative. Would love to see you in this dress too. I can't sew, so it always amazes me when people can and then actually do use that talent. Lovely. x.

Anika said...

I`ll do that then, thanks! :) I do sew, but I`m always teased about it, everything I buy always turns in to something else when I start looking for the potential in that great coat come scarf come bag come cushion hahha. xx Anika

Stiletto Siren said...

Love it! Would love to see it on you even more!
Should consider opening an etsy shop....

Anika said...

Thanks Stiletto! I actually take orders for clothes etc from others, and have been thinking about setting up shop :). Same as with showing pics of me in the clothes I post, both things require confidence, but I am getting there, I think ;).

Have a lovely day,


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