Monday, April 12, 2010

Grey Dress Duplex

What to do when you find a fab dress that doesn`t fit? Get two!

Never one to succumb to the tyranny of size, that`s what I did when I spotted a lovely grey dress adorned with a studded neckline from Gina Tricot that I simply couldn`t leave without.

(I`ve spent years working up the courage to go to shops that don`t carry my size without feeling like an absolute schmuck, and now that I really feel that it`s not me and my size that`s the problem I`m making the most of this positive outlook on fashion, -because I`m bloody well worth it, haha! )

So, home I went, and after a bit of cutting and sewing I was ready to go out that night in my one of a kind flowy grey dress.

I actually love the studs on the dress so much that now the neckline from the second dress is humouristically displayed in our spare room!

Let`s face it though, it probably is only a matter of time before the neckline has been reworked into a bag, courtesy of yours truly :D

Like the grey studded look? Here are some more grey goodies. Yes please!

Studded grey scarf
Grey studded bag
Grey studded ankletwister :)

Grey and white dress

Grey coat with amazing tailoring at the back


Stiletto Siren said...

Such a good idea! I want to see the finished product!


Anonymous said...

I love to see stuff like this. Make it work!!!


Anika said...

Thanks guys, I think it`s all about having the confidence to make fashion work for us, and not feeling that there`s something wrong with us if the fashion isn`t tailored to our fab bods :)

This is actually the finished dress, the ones I bought were simple A-line, and I changed the shape of the dress by giving it an empireline with a fuller, more flowy skirt. I`ll let you know if I post a pic that show the design better :)

All the best,

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