Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hot Body In The City

Every spring curvy glam goddesses hit the gym in order to drop the pounds before the summer months hit.
They jump in with great fervor hoping they can fit into mini swimsuits and micro outfits. Disappointed they spend the gorgeous hot days wrapped in cover ups and miss out on the glow the sun rays are ready to bless them with. These women hibernate instead of strutting there stuff like confident Divas walking the cat walk. Well this unnecessary cycle needs to STOP!

Hot Bodies come in a gorgeous rainbow of colors, with dazzling varied textured locks and best of all diversified knock out curvy shapes. In order for you Glam Goddesses to hit the night life with fashionable threads and parade your true hot body in the city a commitment has to be made to health above all else. Ditch the illusions of perfection and embrace the face that stares back at you and everything that goes along with it. Nutrition is first and playful variations to your typical palate temptations are possible so you can indulge, maintain the curves and live on a healthier note

Starting your day with a colorful plate of fruit, egg whites, toast and turkey bacon and iced water with raspberries or sliced oranges gives back to your heart and keeps your skin fresh. What Diva doesn't want that perfect skin? We all do. Snacking through out the day by incorporating yogurt with granola or apple slices with a bit of peanut butter prevents overeating. A solid protein packed salad lunch with spinach, nuts, strawberry slices or mandarin oranges with baked chicken sets you up for a light dinner such as salmon coated lightly with sugar free apple jelly and vivid arrays of veggies.

When your nutrition's right supplement it with workouts that help you drop pounds, tone that body, but still embraces and keeps your curvy shape in tact. Spring forward with rocking dance workouts like Zumba Fitness or at home Pussy Cat Dolls DVD routines that will unleash your inner sexiness and keep you glistening with sweat. As the weather warms up hit the beach for a morning walk. Put your gorgeous locks in a pony tail, grab your hottest shades, dab the lip gloss on and rock your cutest curvy girl workout outfit. Why shouldn't goddesses like you look good while working out and getting sun kissed by the sun and enraptured in the sound of the waves.

So curvy goddesses worldwide embrace what your momma gave you, what God blessed you with and jump into the summer with your hot body in the city. Every fit chica deserves to live a better life because she loves herself enough to give herself the best.

Bonnielee Cuevas is a renowned Author, Lifestyle Expert and Motivational Speaker. She is the founder of Fitness Fashionistas based out of Florida and with national workshops and events. Fitness Fashionistas combines Fitness, Wellness, Style and Fashion to motivate positive body images. She has been featured in October 2009's Special Collectors Issue of Oxygen Magazine "Off the Couch" and continues to be featured in local and national media outlets.


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