Saturday, April 3, 2010

Peacock Inspiration: Shake Your Tailfeathers

Peacock inspired style comes around every now and then, and this season it`s back as a growing trend for spring. I like to take the peacock(-trend that is) for a spin in my own way, like today when I feel inspired by the beautiful picture above, here`s how I`m mixing brown with two of my favorite colors -peacock style :

Raspberry pink.....
...and delicious teal green
Here`s my peacock inspired outfit for today, perfect for strutting my feathers in!

Brown dress mixed with Teal and Pink Peacock top, Teal belt, Gray wedges from H&M, pink ring and spotty shades

Detail of the peacock shirt with belt and dress

Sequined detail

If you want to bring some peacock flair to our wardrobe here are a few ways to strut your stuff:
Let peacock feathers adorn your hair
How`s this dress for strutting your feathers!?!
and finally, let`s shake the tail feathers, Peeeaaaaaccoooooocck!
(Just felt a warning was in order... hehe)


Moe said...

Those peacock panties are seriously cute.

Anika said...

I know! Glad you liked my blog :)

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