Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New!! SKORCH Doll Mari!!



Mari Venegas


 skorch: Tell our SKORCH readers your name, where you're from & what you do (School/Major or Career/Field)?

doll: My name is Maria-Esther Alejandra America Loretto Carmen…yea I know! Everyone just calls me Mari…my parents couldn't decide on one name so they gave me all of them =) I'm from San Jose, CA and work for a cable company full time and model for ;)

skorch: Tell us your favorite (makeup line, perfume, shoe designer, other)?

doll: MAC is one of my favorites but I do use the cheaper ones like the Coastal scents makeup palettes…they get the job done without breaking pockets. Pleasures by Estee Lauder is my FAVORITE! I love the clean refreshing scent. I really don't have a favorite show designer, I love them all! I'm a shoe should see my closet! lol.

skorch: What designer would you like to see develop a TRUE + apparel line?

doll: I would love to see a couple actually…Diesel, Guess, BCBG and Chanel. They need to realize they would make more money if they cater to real women sizes.

skorch: In your photo where did you purchase your outfit/who is it by?

doll: The black leggings and black tops are from Faith21…I'm so glad that Forever21 finally came out with their plus size line. My motorcycle navy jacket is from and my jeans are from Torrid. =)

skorch: What does an SKORK Doll do for fun?

doll: This doll loves to ride her Yamaha R1 motorcycle fast! And I mean FAST! Going over 200mpr is so refreshing…lol…I love just hanging out with my family and friends barbecuing up some carne asada and some oysters. MMM yum!

skorch: What does SKORCH mean to you & why did you want to be an SKORK Doll?

doll: I've always been thick,, even when I was a little girl and was very insecure about my body. Always trying to hide it with baggy clothes that were not flattering. I've learned to embrace my sexy curves and want to show young girls that are going thru the same insecurities I did. I want to show girls that no matter what size you are, you can be a true fashionista.



Sunday, October 3, 2010

OOTD: Autumnal Rust

Hi sweethearts!

Today I decided to take inspiration from the falling leaves and go autumnal in rust.

The dress is a size 44, which is one to little for me, it was tiiiight! LOL
so I undid the seams in the front and the back, and let the hem down, and now it fits. ;D

It is quite a difficult colour to wear, but I love it, and used black and white to balance it off.
You like?

The outfit:

Dress, H&M (reworked)
Scarf, Zara
Neckless, key chain, Lindex
Gloves and bangle, H&M
Earrings, Accessorize
Booties, Skopunkten

I would like to give a big thanks to the beautiful Eleise of One Artsy Mama for featuring me!

Also, I would love for you to read and comment on my previous post about my feature-series.
Tell me, am I wrong to feature bloggeristas of all sizes?

xxx Anika

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

no airbrushing required

by jessica kane of

No airbrushing required.
Because I love my body. 100% natural. No fillers, slimmers, shapers or spanx -ers. :)

"Oh no she didn't! Did she just say she loves her over 300lb, size 26/28 body?!" Yes, I did. And I am on a mission to inspire every woman reading this to embrace their bodies too!

Maybe it was turning 30. Maybe it was giving birth to a child. Maybe it was starting SKORCH Magazine and joining the body loving movement, but whatever it was, I can honestly say I love every inch. My husband thinks I'm perfect. My son thinks I'm perfect, and those are the only opinions I care about.

The decision to post pictures of myself in a bathing suit WITHOUT airbrushing was a very easy one. In fact, even as a magazine publisher and photographer, I NEVER allow body airbrushing because I feel it's important to show a real person. Part of the reason women are so hard on themselves is because every image we see in media is perfect, 100%. You need to know these images are not real, they are art.  While I love and appreciate art, I am not a statue or painting, I am of flesh and blood.

I want you to be empowered by your REAL body and be the best version of YOU! I know I'm not fit, and yes I need to get more healthy, but I will NOT spend my life hating my body and punishing myself for not looking like a magazine cover!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) wfew. That felt good.

So embrace it, love it, you only have one. Your body is perfect.

jessica kane

Outfit Deets: Both suits gifted by! Here's my NON-compensated real review: I have to say that both of these suits were well built and comfortable. I always have trouble with the leg holes since I have large thighs, but these suits were cut beautifully for me. I love both and I NEVER would have gone for the skirt suit before, but I have to admit, it was so comfortable I wanted to wear it around the house all day long!! LOL

Longitude Bella Plus Size Empire Plunge One Piece SwimsuitBeach Belle Domino Plus Size Empire Swimdress Swimsuit

Our Price: $68.00

join me at my facebook fanpage at

Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Fall Campaign for SWAK is SKORCH

Guess what we just saw on facebook!! The new Fall Campaign for Sealed With A Kiss Designs and we are LOVING it! So chic so fabulous and 3 of the hottest curvy models in the game.
Visit their facebook or online at

What do you think? You going to snatch up any of these looks??


so skorch profile pic award

Khadija TheDiva Haughton is ROCKING this orange goddess look for sure!! You SKORCH it girl.


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Models Needed!!!!

We are currently casting for additional runway models. Are YOU the one we're looking for? Applying is super easy and can be done online by clicking HERE!

SKORCH the Runway is an explosive fashion experience showcasing ladies in a Victoria’s Secret style fashion show event. The sexiest curvy women on the planet will rock the fierce fashion, represent classy ladies, and work out every curve in the most scandalous swimwear as we SKORCH The Runway in our 4″ stilettos!

Casting for this show is being provided exclusively by House of Curves. HOC is conducting a virtual casting for 50 of the fiercest plus size models across the globe to SKORCH the Runway for this one of a kind and ground breaking experience. Professional and agency models are welcome.

Virtual casting through House of Curves begins now and will conclude Monday October 17, 2010.

In order to submit to the virtual casting you must meet all of the following requirements.
Age: 18+
Size: 12+
Height: 5′6″ and above
* You must be able to walk in 3″ heels or higher. Absolutely no exceptions.
Availability: Must be in the Las Vegas area February 16-20 2011

"The B-Styles Guy of the Day": R & B Singer Eliah Keaton

Interview by: Bella Styles at

As I mentioned the other day, I attended the “Tropical Diva’s Fashion Show” here in Richmond on Saturday evening. Well before the fashion show even got started, we in the audience were swooned by newcomer R & B artist Eliah Keaton of Charlotte, North Carolina. (I spoke a little about him in my review the other day but I feel he needs a whole post dedicated to him so that you can get to know him as an artist a little better). Being that I’m not a clubber or party person I usually don’t get up on my feet for anyone. But once the music started playing and Eliah started singing the whole crowd was dancing and clapping along. His sound reminded me of a little bit of Dwele, Will Downing & Raheem DeVaughn all combined together. He actually sang two songs, one being a song originally by Dwele called “Hold On”, and his own original song called “Loving Me”.
From the age of seven, Eliah has been singing.  From grade school auditoriums to church choir lofts to stages with industry greats.  Classically trained, his eclectic interests and experiences exposed him to music outside of his environment in his hometown of Brooklyn, NY. This prompted a greater appreciation for musical diversity.  Eliah is as comfortable singing G.F. Handel’s “Messiah” as he is singing Donnie McClurkin’s “We Fall Down” or “What’s Going On” by Marvin Gaye.  Like his 6-foot,  6-inch stature, his voice captivates and stills a room. 
 His body of work as a vocalist is as diverse as the artists he has shared the stage with.  He has performed alongside the Grammy-award winning Anthony Hamilton and with the legendary Clark Sisters of gospel fame on the “Twinkie Clark and Friends Live in Charlotte” recording. With a catalog of over 200 songs, as a producer and songwriter, Eliah credits Donnie Hathaway as his biggest musical influence, not because he’s a popular choice but because of the genius of his musicianship. Lyrically, Eliah credits Fred Hammond, who he emulated as a child, for helping him shape sounds that he heard in his heart into words and melodies that could touch people where they were. 
It is now his time to be heard. He is branching out into the realm of artistry where he takes center stage, commands your attention, and pours out his soul like modern day hymns to eager listeners.  This man lives to share the gift of music with the world.  He knows that what he receives from the business of entertainment pales in comparison to what the art of music has given him and the legacy of love he wants to leave through his music.  Now, with his attention squarely focused on his debut solo project (to be released Winter 2010), the world will finally be met with what many in and out of the industry have known for years: this man was born for this. 
 A name and musical experience you won’t forget, Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Singer, Songwriter, & Producer: Mr. Eliah Keaton. 
I got to hang out with Eliah and friends this past weekend for a breakfast meeting at T-Millers restaurant in the Marriott Downtown Richmond. So I had a chance to do a Q & A session one-on-one with him. Here are the excerpts from that interview:

Foreword: First off Ms Styles let me say thank you for taking the time to speak with me. I’m flattered that you would be interested in what I have to say. I truly appreciate the opportunity.

How long have you been singing and how did you get started in the field?
Well Ms. Styles I’ve been singing as long as I can remember. Some of my earliest memories involve me singing along with records as my family gathered around in the living room and of course singing in church. As far as when I got into the entertainment industry, I was kind of born into it. I come from a very diverse family of entertainers. My father and his family all sang, danced or modeled professionally. My mother was a model. My mothers’ family was heavily involved in the church. Lots of men and women of the cloth on that side. The church was where I actually earned my stripes in front of large audiences. So I kind of had the best of both worlds musically and access to some really talented people who helped me develop. Thanks Mom & Dad.

Who are some of your musical influences?
 Again I had some pretty awesome people in house that the world never got a chance to hear, if we’re talking outside influences I would have to say Donnie Hathaway for the genius of his musicianship and Fred Hammond for his song writing and his vocal delivery. Those two really impacted me professionally because of their soulfulness. There are a lot more musicians and vocalist I truly admire but that would take awhile for me to name them all.

Do you prefer new school R&B ( Usher & Ne-Yo) or back in the day R&B (Marvin Gaye & Smokey Robinson) and why?
 I think it is all relevant. Some definitely do it better than others. What I admire and respect in any artist old school or new is their dedication to the art form and the perfection of their craft. Nothing is really new under the sun musically; we just find new ways to express what many have said long before our time. I don’t really care for some of the manufactured singers but I guess you have to respect their effort. Nothing will ever replace God given talent I don’t care how much technology we use. That’s why there is and always will be an audience for singers and musicians like Lalah Hathaway, Eric Roberson, John Meyer, India Arie, Jill Scott, Prince, Stevie, Marvin. Real music touches the soul and that’s why real musicians will always be needed. Music saves lives.

When I look at music videos nowadays “curvy” women aren’t featured as “leading ladies”. How do you feel about that?
 I think it’s a sad indication of how we view ourselves and what we classify as beautiful and acceptable to love. It sends a terrible message to our young sisters who may not meet those physical specifications and it further confuses the mind of our young men as it pertains to shaping their mindset of what a beautiful woman is. All of the women in my family are “curvy”. Most of the women I know professionally are as well. Those videos further perpetuate the stigma and stereotype that surrounds our culture as it pertains to relationships, complexion, and size. It’s a fairy tale. My videos will feature individuals that reflect the world that I live in. A world where the measure of a woman’s’ beauty is not the size of her waist but the size of her heart and the warmth of her spirit. Nothing wrong with the sisters wearing size 6 jeans, but truthfully they are not the majority. My music is true to life, my videos will be as well.

When should we expect your album to be released?
 Debut album “Soul Far Away” …Winter 2010, with singles to be released late fall. I’m really excited about the project. It is my heart put to music. I set out to do something that would inspire, promote healing of the heart, and soothe the soul. If you are entertained in the process that’s great too…

What other hidden talents or projects are you working on at the moment?
 I’ve been told that I’m ridiculously funny….like Eddie Murphy, Dave Chappelle funny before they were rich. That I look like Idris Elba’s little brother….lol and that I’m a pretty good cook! I don’t believe any of it. I’ll just stick to making music…..:)

I really want to send a special thank you to Eliah for not only interviewing with me, but for taking time out of his busy schedule to even teach my son a few piano leassons. That was greatly appreciated!

For more info on Eliah Keaton or to download his song for free, please visit his website today:

Here’s an interview video clip from Eliah’s Marietta, GA show:

so skorch profile pic award

Goes to Stacey Hiett! Her facebook pic is utterly breathtaking. WORK IT GIRL!


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

so skorch profile pic award

Past Skorch covergirl Megan Kristovich! Looking TO DIE in this dress! She said she got it at Ross for less than $20??!! genius.


Monday, August 2, 2010

The Look for Less: Herve Leger Bandage Dress

I know, I know, before I even get started you’re probably saying, “Why is Bella blogging on this overated dress?”. Yes, this dress was worn by every celeb, some numerous times, all of last year but a newer version has been released. Lil’ Kim, Stephanie Pratt and Carmen Electra were all seen wearing this dress just last week to Hollywood events. I personally thought this dress would have been out of style by now too but for some reason it just keeps popping up. Herve Leger has changed the style of it a little and it’s still selling off of the shelves at a price of $1,590 at stores like Bloomingdale’s and Intermix.. Mainly I think because it accents all of a womans curves in just the right places. This dress can be worn by both straight-size and plus-size women.  (Per my post on yesterday, no matter what size you are, be sure to wear the right foundation/girdle underneath).  Women like Kim Kardashian and Lil’ Kim do this dress justice. Take a look here: 

Article by Bella Styles

Straight-Size Replica Dress:

Multi-colored bandage dress   $39.99    Sizes S-L
Hold U in banded dress
Black & Red (BKRD) “Hold u In Banded Dress”  $72    Sizes S-L
Hold U in dress
“Hold u In” dress  $72   Size M,L
Plus-Size Replica:
Tadashi Shoji Plus Size Ombré Shutter Pleat Dress   Sizes 1X-3X  
PRICE: $308.00

Me & Model Autumn Richardson last year at “The Welcome to the Jungle” fashion show in Richmond, VA. See, we were with this trend last year:
Both dresses from Dot’s for $20 each

*Special thanks to Autumn for her assistance on this blog post

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