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Teen Fa(T)shion

I wasn’t always the fatshionista I am today. While I have always been confident and for the most part comfortable with my always curvy body, when I was a teenager shopping and getting dressed was sometimes a traumatic experience. Shopping online was unheard of for me when I was in high school and it wasnt until around my senior year that Torrid opened up in Boise, or that any of the retailers started carrying plus sized lines that weren’t hideous. I would look at my smaller peers and drool over their cute put together and almost effortless looks and would do my best working with what I had to stay in fashion. It wasnt always successful and caused me to have a bit of an identity crisis sometimes. I went through this really odd (odd for me) punk rock phase my junior year and I think in large part that was because I could actually fit into a lot o the clothes at Hot Topic even if they weren’t really my personal style. I ended up looking a lot more like Kelly Osbourne (who I adore now, but her style choices weren’t that great in 2002) and a lot less like the stars I was really seeing my personal style radiating in.

Some recent copies of Seventeen Magazine have randomly appeared at the office, which is kind off interesting since I’m the youngest person here at age 24… but anyhoo I was perusing them and Nina Dobrev was on the cover for April. I know who Nina is, hell I have been a Degrassi fan since the late 80’s, and I have almost teenage kids now so I still see my fair share of it. Plus that Vampire Diaries show isn’t too bad. Seems like Nina has pretty much got the world at her fingertips lately and who wouldn’t expect that,shes simply gorgeous, a good little actress and seems to be pretty down to earth and girl next doorish. She reminds me of a much more fashion forward Katie Holmes back when she was Joey on Dawson’s Creek. Damn ok I really need to quit ageing myself here!

Anyhoo I did some searching around for Nina Dobrev magazine shoots and I came across a couple pages she had in Self Magazine and I really liked the looks. They were springy, young and hip for a junior crowd but could still probably be done by a young adult too. I decided to translate these looks using only plus sized pieces and there were quite a lot of options. I also kept all pieces under $50 so it was a more affordable look. Lucky plus sized teens of today with retailers actually providing you fashionably clothes!!!

Here is Nina’s Look

And here is the plus sized translation

One of the best parts about this look is that all of the pieces are really staples any curvy girl should have. The black boyfriend blazer is from Target and while it is not part of their plus line I have tried it on my size 22 self and its a great fit. The black skinnies from ASOS Curve are from what I hear, an amazing fit, great quality with stretch and reinforced seams and on my personal must have list! The Lexi Dolman Grey Knit Top from Alloy takes this look to a younger level and keeps it casual but still trendy. While Nina’s is sporting a stiletto, I thought that since we are translating this look for a teen a wedge was more functional so I paired the look with Millie Cage Wedges from Forever21. To top off this look I also added Metal Mesh Bangles also from Forever21 and the Baggage Claim Tote that we saw last week in Olive’s look from Modcloth. This outfit is hip, chic and fun with a class all its own.

Here is Nina’s Second Look

And here is my plus sized translation

I started this look with a White Crochet Lace Trim V-Neck Tank from OneStopPlus and paired it with Navy Button Tab Linen Shorts from Faith21. I then took berry colored(First Kiss) Beleted Boyfriend’s Cardigan from Old Navy for a layered look that will be great for those Spring and Summer nights or for a day out on the water. For footwear I chose the Pink Lindsey Sequin Flats to add a bit of sass to the look. To top of this look and give it a more nautical feel which I think will be great this Spring, I chose the Safety Pin Charm Necklace from Urban Outfitters and the Navy AE Women’s Tote Bag from American Eagle.

Got a straight sized or celebrity look you want to see translated? Email the link to


OOTD: Pretty in Paisley

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sometimes, I like to dress a little girlie. When this feminine mood strikes, I throw on a skirt and a frilly top. Believe me when I say it doesn't happen very often. But, it does happen. Today, was one of those days. I am in love with this paisley skirt! I found it at Macy's for only $7.99! I told you I'm a bargainista! This is my first time wearing it. It makes me feel like a hippie! (That's a good thing.) I was going to try and add this pretty violet belt, but I HATE to over accessorize. It's one of my pet peeves. So, I went without it. A great outfit for a beautiful spring day in L.A.!

{tank top: old navy}
{skirt: macy's}
{sandals: ross}
{necklace: pacsun?}

Curves & Chaos

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Breaking Out The Leather

ASOS Curve Dress Review

So I have mentioned this dress from ASOS Curve before, but have never done any pics on it. This dress is one of my favorite pieces I have ever owned. It is bright, structured, a little bit crazy for my current local, and absolutely fabulous! This dress brings a smile to my face every time I see it hanging in my closet and also puts and extra spring in my step every time I wear it. ASOS Curve is such a great line and the quality of their clothing is amazing. The fit is also impeccable. Normally it can be a bit tricky for me ordering from the UK with my size, especially because I tend to fit in smaller dress sizes then i do anything else. I ordered this in a 22UK and it fits ideally with a loose quality I can enjoy for Spring, especially with the fabulous light fabric, but can be structured with a corset belt like I did today.

The corset belt i’m wearing today came from Torrid with this dress that I love as well and is now on CLEARANCE! My black cotton leggings with lace bottoms are also from Torrid and I don’t think I could live without them. My wedge peeptoes are from Payless. It was a bit cold out today so I added my black bomber from Yours Clothing to completely the look.

I am feeling great in this look, and it is even effecting my mood, i feel full of sunshine and energy and I think that is in large part to the ASOS Curve Dress. I can’t wait until I have some shopping money again so I can purchase more from them. I especially have my eye on this this and this. Another great thing about ASOS Curve is that Vanessa Reece has been hired on as their new fit model. She has a great curvy body and I know that the clothes are going to fit even better and be even more amazing with her involvement!

Whats your favorite good mood piece?

Stiletto Siren from 'My Lipstick on Her Collar'

Putting "Spring" Back In Your Step

So I have to admit, I’ve been feeling a little uninspired lately and I wasn’t sure why. But I do know that whenever I’m feeling this way it means it’s time for a change. Sometimes a little drastic! Bold! I’m such a drama queen…

But first guess who I saw on T.V. last night that had me in complete awe of her radiance! My Baby Mama!!!
Jill Scott

She was on the Tyler Perry show along the cast of the new movie “Why Did I Get Married Too” and OMG!!! That woman embodies the very essence of SONSEE! She is sooooo damn classy... and sultry. I swear I could not take my eyes off her!

She lit up the stage in a hot little black dress, cleavage everywhere… sexy black closed toe heels, and her signature, stylish, natural afro! And with the most beautiful smile, she was completely glowing! She talked to Tyler about how after having her Baby, “Jet” she was just now getting her SWAG back! Tyler confirmed that she definitely had it! She is oh so SONSEE!

So as I tossed around in my bed last night, I thought to myself… I want to feel whatever it was she was feeling. I mean without having to give birth to something... I need to be renewed and refreshed! It is spring time right?

Ok so I got up the next morning and looked at myself in the bathroom mirror… grabbed the scissors and started cutting. In less than 5 minutes, the little bit of hair I had was on the floor and so was I, laughing so hard! YES!!! Check me out! I cleaned up the rest with my son’s clippers… shampoo, conditioner, a little coconut oil and DONE!

Ok, so I’m also a huge fan of the color Black! I don’t care what season it is, black is just classy and classic! I also think that seasonal fashion isn’t always about the colors... but the cuts, designs and style… So check out my new SONSEE SPRING STYLE!

Black linen ruffle dress - Old Navy

Black leather wood sole wedges - Aldo

Black studded suede hobo bag - Macy's

Fresh new boy cut - Yours Truly!

She's So SONSEE...


Teaching "An Old Dog" New Tricks

I got this idea from 'A Diva in Deep Thought'. She showed an outfit that she put together with a convertible blue skirt. This is an old Lane Bryant skirt from 2007.

I haven't bought anything new in a while, so I was feeling a bit down with my outdated wardrobe. I was actually going to donate this. I got my favorite accessory (the wide belt) and fashioned my old linen skirt into the dress you see.

It actually looked pretty good! It even seems with the trend you see in the much better example at the end of this post. My web cam is my only means to taking pictures, so please excuse the grainy, blurry, and bad lighting of these pictures.

Hope you enjoy my little trick that I got from 'A Diva Deep In Thought'.

Until next time,
Jayla from UNIQUE I.D.

Friday, March 26, 2010

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hourglass Honey!

In my opinion dressing fab is all about knowing my shape, forget about the tyranny of size! How many hours haven`t I spent in dressing rooms agonizing over my size - well, honey, let me tell you, I`m not doing that to my self no more! I am all hourglass -and loving it!

One of my fave hourglass honeys putting the V in the "Va va voom" has to be Ms. Monroe:

Smoking hot! The hips, the waist, the knockers!

For more pics of fab hourglass-honeys feast your eyes at:

Knowing our shape means that we can put together looks that are perfect for us, whatever our size, bringing out all of our lovely features - because, yes, we all are beautiful in our individual ways.

Here`s a great example of a georgeous woman owning herself- hourglass style:

Confidence! Now that`s sexy :)

After much trial and error I have learned what works best on me (tight fitting, not clingy or to big), and now I always have fun mixing up my staple shapes in different ways. Here`s my go-to-list of shapes that highlight my curves:

1 The dress! Flowing fabrics, scooped or v-necklines, structured shapes on top that show of my waist (after i`ve sewn them in the clothes that fit my generous hips and chest always give me a trunk-like appearance if I don`t seriously take them in at the waist) and a slightly A-line skirt that stops just below my dimpled knees that I normally only flash while dancing to the bhangra or whatever else gets me going (doesn't take much ;) ).

2 The bolerostyle jacket/cardi! No point trying to button jackets that just weren`t made for shapes such as mine, so rather than looking bulky in oversized jackets I tailor them to fit my torso and show of the goods as it were.

3 Accessories! Yes please, long neclesses, georgous shoes that give me that "well, hello-there" walk, scarves, handbags...and whatever other goodies I feel like :)

Here are three takes on my go-to-shapes:
Reworked flowing empire line dress with bolero jacket, long necklace and wedges.

Reworked ruffled dress with waistband, layered cardi/bolero with long necless and bangles

Reworked empireline tunic with a fringed tote.. and humorous glasses
All though I personally feel more comfortable in an A-line skirt, I would like to take the hip loving to the next stage and go for the mermaid-style skirt, here beautifully demonstrated by a yummy hourglass-honey:

Here are two slimmer beauties working the same shape. See? Size-schmize, who cares? :)

Kate! Halle! Yooouuuuuzzzaaaa!!! :)

Did you know that the women of Britain recently voted Nigella Lawsons hourglass figure their dream figure? Gotta love that! Not to mention that this unabashed women demonstrates the pleasure of maintaining her figure by feasting on all kinds of yummy treats on a regular basis!
Cupcakes please!

Girlfriends, this is a call for you to join me in learning to know and love your shape whatever your size -get in front of the mirror, unclasp the hands from your face and go on a hunt for your beautiful shape, it is so worth it, however gut wrenching it can be. I seriously think we ought to love ourselves a little more - what a waste to not be our own best friends?

Big love to you all! XXX
Anika @ Sweetfaced Style

OOTD: Ruffles Are Delicious

Did you know that historically, ruffles, most notably in the "Elizabethan" age, were used to adorn ladies (and gentlemen) of the elite class in order to determine or display social status in society? And the more "ruffley" ones' attire, the higher on the hierarchical pyramid they were thought to be.

Hmmmm, go figure!

It's certainly true that the evolution of the ruffle has been a long, and at times, digressive evolution. In the 1970's and 80's it seemed like ruffles had made their way back into the limelight, when musicians like Jimi Hendrix and Elton John opted for more flamboyant attire, the masses followed suit with ruffles, belled sleeves and lush, exuberant prints. And there was not a prom during this time period, without at least one stage five pubescent, high school boy who arrived, bow tie, ruffled shirt and all...YYYYEEEEAAAAHHHHH

(See your parents' Prom pictures for evidence)

But again, fashion soon grew weary of the ruffle, and it seemed like somewhere down the line, the ruffle had lost its' social status, charm and overall appeal. Once the crowning glory of 15th century women everywhere, the ruffle was now banished to the categories of "Tacky", "Old-fashioned" and "That looks like something only my grandmother would wear..."

But just like history, fashion has a way of repeating itself, and the ruffle has made a comeback in a BIG way for Spring 2010!

Not to be distasteful though, designers have found ways to translate the "old-fashioned" ruffle, into something new and fresh. From cutting edge fabrics, aptly called "Eyelash" to strategically cascading tiers, the ruffle is showing a much edgier and sophisticated side. Now, if you're still convinced that this trend is absolutely NOT for you, consider trying something with a minute detail, like a dress with a cascading shoulder or a peplum dress with two tiers!

So without further ado, I present to you, a few of my favorite "Ruffley" finds...

New Gray Ruffled Zipper Dress, $27.99 available at Jens Fashion Plus

Leather Fingerless Gloves, Made by me

Leather Gladiator Platorm Sandals, last season's find

(SIDENOTE: I absolutely love this dress! It's SUPER comfortable and ultra sexy! Love the front zipper detail and the fact that the "eyelash" is continuous, which gives it a great texture from afar. It is extremely versatile, so for a more casual look, I will definietly be wearing leggings with this dress and a great flat gladiator sandal!)

(Grey Ruffle Long Line Vest, £18.00 (Approx. $27.00) available at; Chiffon Tiered Hem Dress, £25.00 (Approx. $38.00) available at

(Blush Lace Ruffle Sleeve Dress, £35.00 (Approx. $52.50) available at
; Pink and Grey Lace Bustier Top, $44.00 available at

(Black Ruffled Open Knit Vest, $34.00 available at
; Teal Double Peplum-Knit Dress, $42.98 available at

(Chiffon Ruffle Bandeau Bra, $40.00 available at
; "Espana" One Shoulder Ruffle Plus Size Swimsuit w/Detachable Strap - Black, $118.00 available at

Until Next time F5's and Skorchers alike....

Stay D'lish

P.S. Any excuse for a little "Hendrix" is a good excuse...He AND his RUFFLED shirt...:)

Plus Size Military Chic - Get Beyonce's Look for Plus Size

Page 18 in March Issue of Skorch Magazine!
Get Military Chic for plus size!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fashion Week Excluzive - Houston Edition



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Tasty Taupe Treats

I adore strange barely-there colors, and one of my favorites is Taupe, highly underestimated in my opinion. Can it be dull? Yes, I`ll admit it, but when mixed with more exiting materials it really can make for a lovely treat. Contrasting soft taupe with .... guessed it; sequins makes me tingly with happiness. I can`t explain it just happens :) )

I went shopping today, here`s my catch:

A yummy Taupe jersey dress with sequined shoulders that bring on just the right amount of drama:

The dress fit (haha!), but the fun pretty much stopped there. So before I had defrosted from the chilly walk home ♫Aint no mountain high enough, Ain`t no♫.. (well, you get my drift). I was on my hands and feet cutting the dress into a glam bolero (now there`s a quick fix, literally!):

I love the contrast of the dark shoulders with the soft material.

Here`s my Taupe glitz for tomorrow:
Taupe re-worked Bolero mixed with an incredibly wrinkled dress. I can see that I must start ironing! (Note to Self: Buy an iron)

Actually I have decided that should be a look. Maybe because I turned 31 recently, this decision may be linked to the perpetual discovery of more wrinkles on my face. (Sorry, i'll stop the psychoanalysis now) Actually maybe get an iron after all :)

Specked headband, neckless used as bangle and glass ring.
Detail of the Sequined shoulder:
Turquoise glass meets feathers, sequins and jersey

Here`s a great example of taupe that is anything but boring:

I love the ripped edges on the skirt

Here are some more Taupy delights that i`d be more than happy to take home:
Taupe fortress!

Sequined Necklace
(Shouldn`t be to hard to make, no?)
It`s a Liza Minelly-moment!
A very elegant one I might add :)
Dripping with luxury.... Yes, please!

As an afterthought I can`t resist showing you these pants, taupe or no taupe:

Go on, put MC Hammer to shame! (and send me the pics!)
Or send me a pair, and I`ll send YOU the pics ;)


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