Friday, April 23, 2010

OOTD: Tie-dye fly, A Technicolor Wonder

Thanks for hanging in there yesterday while I was sick. Since I didn’t post yesterday I will have an outfit post for Thursday, Friday (which will be a B&LU reviews as well) and another one on Saturday! Hope you enjoy.

Today's outfit post is one of my favorite pieces from my closet. It surprising actually that I have never shown this dress before since I do love it so much, but I guess it just took the right moment to capture it.

Photos by Candace Sweet <---Follow Her On Facebook!

I fell in love with this dress the first time I saw it at the Torrid in Boise last Spring. I purchased it at full price (which I rarely do) because I wanted to wear it for a Cinco De Drinko party Nightrider’s cousin Ali
(BTW today is her birthday so go tell her Happy Birthday!) and I were going to. This dress is really fun  and feels great with the silky material and the side draping and bubble hem make it really flattering on my body. This dress has a very deep neckline so I usually wear a simple cami underneath like I did with this black cami from NY& CO. I normally have been wearing this dress with black leggings but since it was so warm on Sunday when  I did this photos I went for the bare legs and did a few shots in my black Payless canvas wedges then did a few shots in my raspberry cardigan from Torrid and my matching raspberry flatties from Payless as well (they were only $7 but so cute!). Sorry they didn’t make it into any of the shots I chose but you can see them here. Tie-dye is really in this season and I’m really happy it is since I love this dress so much!

Something I would also like to talk a bit about is about loving every part of your body. A few years back I wasn’t very comfortable with myself and my self-proclaimed problem areas. I wore pants all the time because I hated my legs, and thought my thighs were too fat to let be seen by anyone. I know a lot of women have this problem or feel the same way about their arms. I have chosen to show both of these areas in the last photo. Since discovering body acceptance and self-love I now have a full appreciation for my body and don’t hide it from the world anymore. I love my thick thighs, my large but loving arms and wouldn’t change the way I look in this outfit. While I love cardigans, I mostly just wear them when it is cold and when I am in the office but as soon as I step outside into the sunshine I let my arms and legs be seen and I am so thankful that I have found enough happiness and love for myself that I now am comfortable enough doing so.  If you are still hiding your arms or legs from the world I hope this will help you to throw caution to the wind, find some self-love for every part of your beautiful body and let the world see it! I challenge you to go sleeveless as it heats up this Spring and Summer and why not part from the leggings on occassion too!



Curvy Confident 30-Something said...

you're so cute! love ya! ps...i have the same cardi i swear!

jessica kane

Stiletto Siren said...

Thanks Jess! Its a great cardi, i have one in black too!


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