Wednesday, June 30, 2010

so skorch profile pic award

This one goes to the foxy Laura Nelson Poorman, one of the owners of Curvy Girl Clothing. Her Facebook profile picture is skorchin'! Loving the dress and cardy!

jessica kane

there is life after a size 18!

{from jessica kane of

Once upon a time I was unhappy and a size 28. I found it within myself to starve off 125 pounds (got to size 18), and while this was absolutely unhealthy, it was the key to finding my self confidence. That was 8 years ago and a lot has changed for me since then. Mostly, I had a baby and am happily married - can you guess it? Yep, the weight is ALL back. But you know what? I am just as confident as I was then. I now realize the weight was not the problem, how I looked at myself was.

While trying on clothes for a fun fashion post, my brain stopped me for a second to remind myself that my legs are not the best (always have hated my knees), I don't have a tan and my son gave me a fresh bruise. But you know what? I don't give a sh*t. Honestly. I don't think I'm the most wretched looking monster on the planet and while I do wear a size 28 pants, I refuse to hibernate and wear maxi dresses 24/7 (even though they are totally comfy!). I am human, I have flaws and I love my body. My hope is at least one girl who refuses to wear shorts and take full body pictures will see this and somehow be inspired to stop hating herself. I started this fashion blog to help give a voice to the big girls out there and shout from the rooftops, you can FEEL and LOOK gorgeous if you believe it....there is life after a size 18.

Join my "full body shot" project now at where you can upload your full body picture to give your vote of curvy confidence to other women who can relate to you.

The most comfy wedges EVER! Just got them at Target.

Outfit Deets:
Top - Lane Bryant
Shorts - Old Navy Plus Size
Shoes - Target
Necklace - Target *Flower is a pin-on that I got at a garage sale*
Handbag - COACH 2 year anniversary pressy from the hubby :)

jessica kane
owner/publisher of skorch

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Monday, June 28, 2010

My Curvy Girl "Pocket Guide"

Ok, I think I have found my new pocket guide to being a curvy gal. I recently had the wonderful opportunity of meeting one of my longtime “curvy idols”  Chastity Garner. She is one of the 1st plus-sized stylist that I admired when I got started in this business a few years ago.  I was delighted to  find out that she stepped outside the box and wrote a book for us entitled, “ The Curvy Girl’s Guide to Style”.  When I met her, Chastity’s demeanor was so sweet and down to earth and I really appreciated her support for me, especially coming from someone in the same field.    I purchased the book at her book signing at Lane Bryant, NYC, at her meet & greet during FFFW. I started reading the book on my way home from NYC and although I have not finished it, I am recommending it just off of the 1st few chapters that I read.  She breaks down ALL the different types of body shapes we come in and how to dress for each one as well as giving tips that we can use in everyday life. I’m not at Oprah status (yet) but this is a must read. Chastity’s book is available for only $15 on her site at

Me & Chastity at Book Signing:

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The "So Skorch" Profile Picture Award

We love your dress Ms. Keke Dillard!

If you don't know the amazing Keke, she is the founder of Full Figures and the executive producer of the upcoming The Curvy Revolution taking place in Las Vegas Feb. 2011!

More info at
And, we'll be there for Skorch The Runway as well!

See you in Vegas :)

xoxo Jessica Kane

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The "So Skorch" Profile Picture Award

Today this award goes to our girl Sunni Diggs!

She recently walked the runway of Full Figured Fashion Week and her profile picture was even featured on!

See it HERE!

Image Credit: Richard Lew Photography

xoxo jessica kane

OOTD: Welcoming Summer With A Dose of Color

{from jessica kane of}

Living in Vancouver, WA is rough for a sun worshiper like me, but I make due and when the sun does make an appearance I celebrate by wearing some color. Most of my wardrobe is admittedly basic - I like classic and chic, hate prints and refuse to wear anything with a bow there for no reason at all, I steer clear of weird colors and cuts, but I do celebrate when I find teal, purple and fuchsia...I snap it up in a second! Today I paired my fabulous white distressed capris with a bright teal top with awesome pink collar (genius!) and bright fuchsia flats. I was in heaven!
And, of course I had to pop my collar, because "i ain't skerred." *laughing*

Outfit Deets:
Top - Old Navy - 3x Plus Size
Pants - Gifted from Old Navy - Size 28
Shoes - Target - Size 11
Hair Color - L'Oreal color 4AR  *LOL* People ASK! :)


Get more at

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Plus Size Cruising 2010

At the end of August, my husband and I are going on our first ever cruise! We're super excited about it, and I've been really excited thinking about the clothes and accessories I might need to feel cruise-worthy. Never having been on a cruise before, I thought some of the xoxoskorch readers could help me out! Here's a compilation of what I'm thinking so far.

What other ideas would you suggest? Any tips I need for embarking on this cruising adventure? xoxo,
(xoxoskorch columnist and blogger at Skinny Emmie)

Have You Had Your Daily Dose Of Vitamin C??

WARNING: Vitamin C Clothing Is Necessary To Maintain A Healthy & Well-Balanced Wardrobe. The Lack Of Vitamin C Can Lead to Style Deficiencies.
recently I have gotten to know the owner  of Plush Boutique in Atlanta. She is super sweet and an awesome contact and she runs Plush with great ease and understanding of being fabulous as a plus size woman. She picks very special designer pieces for Plush and recently has started carrying designs by Chloe Faith Harper who is the mastermind behind the Vitamin C Clothing.
I was lucky enough to receive a dress from Vitamin C Clothing that I will be reviewing soon and to be getting to know Chloe and I just can’t keep the great find that is Vitamin C Clothing to myself, so I am sharing it with you!
Chloe has quite the background in fashion with:
-BS in Fashion Merchandising & Apparel Design from  Georgia Southern University
-Interned under Diane Von Furstenberg(NY) after graduation in ’06
-Wardrobe Assistant for Ebony Fashion Fair ’07-’08(Worlds largest traveling fashion show)
-Began Vitamin C Clothing in ’09
Vitamin C Clothing is influenced by the women the clothes are designed for. Vitamin C wants to give its customers clothing with functionality that is easy to wear but still fashionable.  When I asked Vitamin C designer Chloe what she is inspired by she said

I’m inspired by the shape of the female body. We all have body issues but I strive to make clothing that accentuates the positive. Clothes are made to fit the body,the body shouldn’t be altered to fit clothes.
How can you not love her and Vitamin C in general? Well if you still have any doubts the designs will certainly change your mind!

I personally love Vitamin C’s use of vintage and classic silhouettes with modern touches and bright colors. It speaks right to my heart with an expression of pinup and edge. I love these look.  I picked the following dress to be sent to me and received it in the mail today and I couldn’t be more impressed. I can’t wait to review this one for you all!

What are you waiting for check out everything Vitamin C Clothing has to offer! Follow Chloe on Facebook and Twitter and make sure you check out Plush Boutique to purchase these great designs!

OOTD: I Am 32 Flavors, And Then Some

I am now back from my lovely Oregon Coast family vacation and am killing myself playing catch up so please bear with me while I get back in the swing of things. I have so many things to cover this week and also am trying to pull it together with school and back at the office, it should be a crazy week for me. Lucky enough though we got back from vacation just to send the kids off to camp so hopefully with a kid free week I should be able to  handle all the craziness I have ahead of me!
Before I left Candace and I shot 10 different looks some of which you already saw last week before I decided to put the dang laptop away and ENJOY MY VACATION! But now that I am back you will get to see the rest them! First we have a dress you have seen me in before but styled for winter. Well this dress truly is a great Spring and Summer piece and I love wearing it the way it was intended.

Photos By Candace Sweet  <<<<<<<<<<

I picked up this Pure Energy dress at Target on clearance a few months back for a whopping $6.24 it was a great find and I have really worn the hell out of it. It is probably one of the most comfortable dresses I own, it is a good length for everyday either office or while running around town and I love the Raspberry Sherbert Coloring of the pink. It reminds me of an ice cream cone and I love that reminder for summer! I paired it with my comfortable black canvas wedges from Payless, and a great wire necklace from designer Amy Radue.

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