Thursday, April 1, 2010

OOTD: STOP! Hammer Time

Recently I received an email asking why I never wear pants, and if I could show some looks that weren’t dresses or skirts. Too be perfectly honest I am just not a pant wearing kind of girl. I actually used to be and never wore dresses but one day I discovered the comfort that skirts and dresses had to offer my plus sized frame, and I really never went back, except for in the winter months. Then I got super lucky and leggings came back into fashion and I was set. My legs were warm, I could wear my dresses year round and I was comfortable all the time. Now I don’t even really wear jeans on the weekends even, now its just more casual looks with jeggings that I sport on Saturdays and Sundays. However, pants are a big part of fashion too, and it is important for plus sized women to be able to find fashionably pants that fit them comfortably as well. I already own a few pears of jeans and slacks but I thought in regard to an OOTD in pants I would try something new.

Those of you who have been paying attention to my tweets may have heard that I was on a search for a carrot trouser. I found some at Lane Bryant but weren’t digging them and all the other ones I found online unfortunately don’t deliver to the US. I got lucky though and found these Harem Pants at Fashion Bug, which are now on sale for only $14.99, that had the look I was hoping for and ordered them. They came in the mail last week and I woke up to a terribly rainy day out so I decided today was the day to give them a try.

First off I want to point out that on the website they say they are a pull on waistband. This isn’t true. They have no stretch to the waist at all and have a zipper that runs up the side. Who the hell thought they should do a side zipper on a plus sized pant is fucking crazy, its not the most functional idea. These pants are very high waisted and sit right at the smallest part of the waist which is ok for the zipper issue but you have to zip up over your hips, so I recommend purchasing these pants in one size larger than you normally would. A harem pant can have a loose fit and you can use a belt around the high waist so it will still work.

These pants are fairly comfortable and people are saying they look cute on me. I was a bit timid at first because I am a pretty short girl at only 5′4″ but I paired these Harem Pants with a very high heel on a strappy sandal to make me look a little bit longer and pull the look together. I have no idea where these great and super sassy shoes came from since I got them from a friend who only wore them once. They look great with this pant though!

On top I am wearing a gray cami from NY&CO and a black sequined tank from Old Navy. The gray short-sleeved over shirt came from Anchor Blue. Styling with these pants was a bit tricky for me since I don’t own a lot of tops that aren't tunics or over sized. I wanted to showcase the high waist of these pants so i had to look for something that could be tucked in. I got lucky that I found these great older pieces in my closet.

For the first time I have ventured into pants in a while I feel really good about this look!



Natatree Darling said...

I've never really liked the harem pants craze, I think they look super comfy for around the house, but I just don't seem to get them as a 'going out' look. I have to say though, you rock them! They look great on you! It kind of makes me want to give them a go!

Stiletto Siren said...

Thanks hun that is so sweet! I wasn't sure about them either but I gave it a shot and was pleasantly surprised!

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