Thursday, April 8, 2010

THE HORROR! Plus Size Maternity Shopping

There are many positive sides to being plus size. You have curves and can flaunt them. You have men who love you and your curves and you can love yourself for the beauty that you are! It’s a fun challenge to buy clothing, but I look at it as a game. I enjoy playing it.

Then, you get pregnant!

Clothing becomes a REAL challenge. I “googled” plus size maternity and very few stores came up. JC Penny and Motherhood were my two favorites and Old Navy is starting a line of plus size maternity, which makes me and the little baby giggle. Being that the belly has popped, I realized that I needed some pants. I moseyed on over to and made a purchase. I got some cargos, and two pairs of capri pants. They came yesterday and boy do they make me feel comfortable! I loved the cargos because you can wear them rolled up and buttoned or full length. They are adorable with a tank or tee. Tomorrow I am going to wear them with a cute top I snagged in Target ages ago! It will definitely cover the bump and not reveal anything I don’t want them to!

What is your favorite maternity brand?
Frugal Fanny!


Anonymous said...

excellent post!for more plus size pregnancy issues, remember to check out P2 (plus & pregnant) every month in skorch magazine!!
illeanna chavira

Anonymous said...

I'm 36 weeks along and have found that Motherhood Maternity seems to fit me the best. I love their T-shirts, jeans and dressier pants that I can wear to the office. I'm not sure how I'll transition back to non-banded pants once I have the baby. :) ~Cori

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