Thursday, April 1, 2010

Plus Size Beauties: Always Pushing The Envelope

I love that the Herb Ritts photograph of supermodels from the 1980s is echoed in the shot that Matthias Vriens-McGrath took for Glamour last year.

I love that I can look at the Victoria's Secrets girls and see their campaigns translated by Dove's Real Body Campaign...

I think it's wonderful that ASOS has listened to their curvy customers and that some of their sexy standard size range is being translated and made for curves:

And finally, I love how clever the French are... You see, in putting out their curvy issue of Elle, they have actually broken down a barrier and done something which is outside the fashion world and media norm... Those outside France (or non-film buffs), may not realise that the sexiest shot of Tara Lynn in Elle, where she is sitting on the wicker seat, is a gorgeous, curvy interpretation of a famous image from the french film, Emmanuelle. The film is utterly sexually explicit and back in 1974 when it was realeased, it pushed the boundaries of what was acceptable on screen.

This issue of French Elle - pushes the boundaries of what is acceptable in fashion AND print.

I love French Elle, because it's not only realeased a curvy issue, but with amazing subtlety, it has taken an iconic, sensual, controversial French image and translated it with curves. Masterful.

Above: the iconic shot from Emmanuelle.

Tara Lynn in Elle.

I hope that just like Emmanuelle - which spawned over half a dozen sequels - that this trend will continue to be repeated again and again and again...

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Em. x.
(I have great curves and I know how to wear them -

All images sourced through google images. Image of Tara Lynn sourced through Elle Magazine.
My apologies if any of the shots above, with nudity, caused offense.


Anika said...

I couldn`t agree with you more, great post! Lovely pics :)now I`ll surf on over to your blog!

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