Saturday, April 17, 2010

Phatshionista Contest

A Beautiful Piece: "Curvy Women" by Aissata

Phatshionista is a contest to determine who is the classiest, sexiest, well dressed lady in all of TVP-Land! :)

Entry is quick and easy:

  1. Visit the TVP Fan Page on Facebook.
  2. Email ONE (1) image to here with PHATSHIONISTA CONTEST in the subject line.
  3. In the email body enter your name and share why you should be the Phatshionista of the Month.
  4. We will accept the 1st 10 entrants each week. Once we reach 10 entrants submissions will be closed for that month.


The monthly prize will total $25.00 and be issued in gift card or certificate form to the winner. The card or certificate will be redeemable at our affiliate and partner businesses with products and services such as spa treatments and discounted or free meals!


  1. You must be a member of the TVP Fan Page and a subscriber to the TVP Blog.
  2. All ages and ethnicities are encouraged to participate.
  3. You do not have to be in the Chicagoland area to participate. This is open to anyone anywhere on the globe!
  4. Contestants cannot be in any way related to or affiliated with the owner of the TVP Fan Page and blog, Michael Stagg.

Contest Rules

As with any contest, there are a few rules.

  1. Contributors and guest authors are ineligible to participate.
  2. The image posted must be “G-Rated” in nature. Nudes, lingerie and other provocative or sexually charged images are NOT allowed and will be disqualified. Furthermore, the poster will be removed and banned from this blog and/or FB Fan Page.
  3. Winners are selected via random drawing based on creativity, overall appearance, personal style and member votes via poll. If you live outside of the area of a service that is provided as the prize we will work with you to find something in your area for the same value that you can utilize. Product prizes will only be shipped in the continental US.


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