Saturday, April 17, 2010

Plus Size Designer: Mela Purdie

Is it just me or are the fashions for plus size women better in other countries.  Australia, New Zealand, UK, and Canada.  I have found several designers outside the United States whose designs just blow me away.  Euphoria, Chocolat, Nicola Waite, The Carpenters Daughter, Voluptuous Inc, Obi, and Mela Purdie to name a few.  I want to talk about Mela Purdie.  If you are one of those gals who likes to stick to basics and jazz them up with accessories than Mela's designs are for you.  Unfortunately they are not available in the United States.  According to an email I received from a Mela Sales Rep. the clothing was unveiled at NYC Fashion Week in 2008.  The response was good but due to the AUD $ crashing against the US they couldn't commit fully to selling here.  I don't know how long you all have been following along, but at the beginning of my blog I said I was in the process of opening a VERY small boutique either online or in a flea market in Houston.  It won't be until LATE next Spring.  So, I was asking for wholesale info from Mela Purdie.  They are kinda on the pricey side so I don't know if I can buy more than 1 piece with 1 size of each.  Anyway, take a look at her designs on the website.  Most are BASIC, but they are cute.  These are a few of the pieces that I loved because they were not basic.  I am still working on finding an online retailer that sells these to the US for those of you who can afford such luxuries!

I am sorry but I just have to say that the model is HAWT!!!

I think I have a GIRL crush on her!!!


indigo_tide said...

I've noticed even sewing patterns are garbage-bag shaped garments. Frustrating.

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