Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What You Should Have In Your Model Bag

With Full Figured Fashion Week and a lot more Summer fashion shows right around the corner, I feel it's only right to share with other models the basics that should be in your "Model Bag".
Firstly, I suggest keeping a bag packed at all times with the essentials. You never know when that big time agency may call you for a last minute shoot. Here are a few more tips:

What should be in your modeling bag:

- Nude & Black Colored Bra

- Strapless Bra

- Nude colored panty
(Esp. a thong)

- All in One Body Briefer or Spanx or Spanx-like stocking, either the pant version (waist to calf) or short (waist to knee).

- Pair of nude colored pantyhose

- Basic Blue Jeans
(Skinny Jeans or Bootcut)

- Pair of black-strappy heels
(heel portion must be thin for photographs, no wedges or thick heels)

- Lotion for body
(Ashy skin does not photograph well!)

- Safety pins & Small Sewing Kit

- Bobby pins & Rubber bands

- Hairspray, Comb, Brush

- Makeup
(Foundation & Lashes)

- Hand Mirror

- Accessories
(jewelry, scarves, sunglasses, belts, gloves, etc)

- Robe & Slippers

- Emergency Kit
(clear deodorant, nail care items, bandages, sanitary items, wetwipes, razor, tylenol, etc.)

Article by Skorch Fashion Editor: Bella Styles


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