Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dress and accessorize for Destination Weddings

By Lana Leazer
Destination Weddings are HOT, HOT, HOT..Literally!

According to Mindy Weiss, Celebrity Wedding Planner and author of The Wedding Book, “The destination wedding has skyrocketed in popularity in the last decade. And its’ appeal keeps growing.”
When it comes to planning that perfect intimate wedding that may be located in stunning wineries or tropical beaches, we found some unique, elegant, and fun alternative solutions of styling.

For taking on the summers’ heat, winds and sands, but staying fabulously beautiful, The Here comes the Bride design with it’s with halter, mid back, natural waist and split skirt is ideal sample. www.sydneyscloset.com $379.00

Keep off the chill or unexpected cool winds by adorning a delicate, beautiful lace bolero which easily compliments your gown rather than over powering it. www.bolerojacketsandshrugs.com, $35.00

When walking on natural earth elements, take a cue from Candra Palmer, owner of Artyce Designs who can consult and custom create the appropriate shoe for your beloved day. www.ARTYCE.com. Call for special pricing.

Incorporate the choice of your destination with jewelry, Left turn Jewelers specializes in gorgeous gemstones, beautiful colors, grand style and exotic silver that can add pop and natural elements. www.leftturnjewelry.com $495.00

Glamming it up can be tricky for these types of weddings, make sure you use the correct makeup that is not to heavy and keeps your natural glow going for hours, we consulted with Nalo Jones, one of Hollywood’s finest Beauty Expert and Make up Artist for the just right collection, “Be sure to use Estee Lauder New Double wear, you can find amazing foundations, lipsticks, glossses and eyeshadows in long lasting colors”, says Jones. www.esteelauder.com

Let’s not forgot your guests, being outside can cause dry and chapped lips, that’s why we looked to celebrity manicurist, Nettie Davis for clients such as Toni Collette, Leona Lewis and creator of Nettiescrub for a hip, trendy yet considerate party favor for your guests. www.nettiescrub.com call for special pricing of custom made wedding lip balms.


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