Sunday, May 9, 2010

OOTD: Sequins and Ruffles Please!

Today I went for a slightly bonkers combo of loved pieces, but I think it works, how about you?
Here I am mixing a white dress of my own design with a cut off sequined top, topping it off with a feathered head dress, coral earrings and leopard scarf. (I`m realizing that I don`t really do dressed down, or - this is MY dressed down :) )

This outfit feels relaxed and day appropirate with the clashing colours and prints, and yet brings a bit of pizzaz, just the thing I need to enjoy this lovely friday.

I loved this top from H&M, but the shape drowned my waist, so I chopped it off! What was I supposed to do, put it back and feel like shit because it didn`t fit me? No more of that I say!

The white dress was a fashion break through for me, wearing white at my size, hips and all? Bloody well YES!
I feel so much better when I have the guts to wear what I want, and as far as I am concerned it`s not really about size - it`s all about knowing my shape and working it.
I made the dress from the fabric of two A-line dresses that I found at Vera Moda, and what I did was keep the top part of one dress, sew the two skirts together and top it off with a black belt (with fabric from a cushion cover), creating an empire line that flows over my hips.

If the dress doesn`t fit it`s not me that needs changing -it`s the dress!
Can I get an AMEN! LOL

How`s this for romance! I love ruffles, pretty much anywhere ;D

    A feathered head dress is never wrong in my book :) I got this one and the scarf at H&M.

Here`s this slightly knackered fashion lover wishing you all a fab weekend with lots of fun and special moments with your loved ones.

xoxo Anika


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