Thursday, May 27, 2010

OOTD: Happy In Peep Toe

Hi gang, today I am feeling happy in my new studded peeptoe flats!

I am working the flats today in my fave selfmade white dress...

... and a black reworked vest with a statement neckless and gold bangle

How `bout them peeptoe flats!
I picked them up at Din Sko today, whizzing into the store, trying them on and getting them within three minutes!
Now that`s shopping with intention :) LOL

Here are the details of the rest of my outfit today:

This black vest that I made yesterday was originally a brown dress that I picked up at H&M in London a couple of years ago, mainly because I loved the top of the dress.
A black dyejob and some chopping later it was re-born as a vest with powersleeves.

Lovely buttons and stitching

Sleeves with attitude!

I sewed this dress with fabric from two dresses from Vero Moda and added a black sash.
Love my curves in it!

I adore the ruffles on the dress

I got this statement neckless in Toronto, Canada last summer. Perfect for making basics zing!

Sending you all happy thoughts!

xoxo Anika


a-MEEL-yah said...

LOVE the Dress into the VEST! Great Idea!
There are so many things I own that I have because I like the Top or just Skirt of the dress....You've inspired me :)

Anika said...

Glad to hear it! Show me what you create! :D

xoxo Anika

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