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It's all about the dress, right?

It’s All About The Dress Right?
How to have a great wedding dress shopping experience at any size!
Stiletto Siren, How To Editor & Blogger

I got married in June of 2006 to my high school sweetheart. While our marriage didn’t work out, I remember my wedding day as one of the more important days of my life. A wedding is probably the biggest event most of us will ever plan, and is not something many brides take lightly. I know I didn’t.

One of the biggest details in any wedding is, of course, the wedding dress. From the time many women are little they dream about their perfect wedding, and their gorgeous white dress. Through our teen years we scour magazines looking for the dress of our childhood dreams, and when it comes to actually planning a wedding the dress is a key focus. It’s no wonder the average bride begins dress shopping as early as a year and a half before her actual wedding date.

Unfortunately I was not as comfortable with my plus size, curvy body when I took the task of dress shopping, as I am now. If I could do anything differently, it would be to take a different approach to dress shopping in general. My unpleasant dress shopping experience could have been avoided if I had taken some extra steps to ensure a more positive experience with a better final product. Lucky for you, you can learn from my mistakes!

Step One: Do your research! Hit the magic Google machine and look for bridal shops in your area. Don’t just go for the first shop you see. Take a look at their websites, find out their size range and see if you like the overall feel of the shop. If they don’t have an active website call and talk to a dress consultant and ask as many questions as you would like. If they try and brush you off, then they are not the right shop for you! Make sure you also look around and get an idea for the style of dress you would like to buy; you want to have at least some idea when you get to shopping.

Most wedding dresses come in European sizes. If you are in the US remember your size will be one to two sizes larger meaning if you are a size 18 US you would be a 20 or 22 in wedding world. When you ask about sizing keep this in mind. Nothing sucks more than dress shopping in a place that doesn’t carry your size. It creates bad energy for the whole experience and you are supposed to be feeling fabulous!

Step Two: Be comfortable in your skin & your undies! Ever been shopping while wearing an uncomfortable outfit? Shoes that kill your feet, a bra with busted underwire poking you, jeans that are a bit too tight, or a shirt that rides up when you walk are all things that can kill your dress shopping experience. Make sure you are dressed comfortably in something you can easily change in and out of and wear comfortable shoes and white or nude underwear to avoid a see-through wardrobe malfunction. It is also important to wear a bra that goes well with the type of dress you are after although strapless is a good way to go so you don’t become distracted by straps when trying to envision your look.

Most wedding shops will also work to sell you the perfect undergarments to go with your dress style. Trying your dresses on with the corset, bra or slip they recommend can be very helpful.

Step Three: Don’t let anyone rush or intimidate you! You are shopping for your big day. Choosing your wedding dress is a big decision and you should not let anyone rush you or take away from your experience. A rude saleswoman should not be tolerated. Ask to speak to a manager or if it is a really bad environment take your business somewhere else. Make sure to bring some backup with you. Whether it is your mother, sister, best girl friend or all of them only shop with people who love you and who you love. People who will build your confidence not beat you down. There is no need for negativity on this day.

Just because you may not find your dress on your first outing doesn’t mean you won’t ever find one. Take your time and try things on until you find THE ONE. Stay calm and positive, and remember your wedding isn’t supposed to make you feel overwhelmed or unhappy.

Step Four: Don’t rule out shopping online. One of the greatest places for plus size shopping is online. There are many vendors that now offer bridal selections on their websites and in some cases may even save you money. If you don’t like the dress you can return it, and you can always have alterations made by someone local.

Keep an open mind to all shopping venues when it comes to your wedding dress. There are so many options out there for curvy women and there is no need to be discouraged by a store with a low plus size inventory just because it is the only bridal boutique in your area.

Ten Great Plus Size Online Bridal Vendors
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