Wednesday, May 26, 2010

OOTD: My Sequined Coat, Re-born!

Here`s my outfit today;
 a brown dress with a cropped dusty grey jacket that I made from a coat yesterday,
and a keyring used as neckless

I threw in some leopard in the mix on my way home from work

Yummy glitz

I got this coat from Noa Noa a while back as a birthday present mum
 and fell in love with the colour and detailed waist,
but never quite felt comfortable wearing it, even after shortening the sleeves a while back.
So, yesterday, I hesitated no further, and simply chopped it off at the waist!

I love the result,
and highly recommend chopping away at pieces you love but need to tailor to your taste :)

 I accentuated the embellished waist by cutting the back a bit shorter than the front, creating an added emphazis on the grey bling

Sequin delights

I picked up this fringed keychain at Lindex
and added some string to make a statement neckless. Love it!

This is my fave brown dress, that I made from fabric from a Noa Noa-dress.
It is a great staple in my wardrobe, basic, but not black!

Detail of the sequined shoulder,
I love this part of the dress so much that it`s why I got the dress in the first place.

Tell me, ever chopped away and brought new life to old pieces?

xoxo Anika


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