Don’t ask me what in the world this outfit has to do with Audioslave’s “I Am The Highway” but for some reason while looking at these photos it was the first song the popped into my head. Might as well go with it right?

Had an absolutely wonderful weekend! Had a chilled out Friday night, then Saturday woke up early and met with Candace Sweet for our photo shoot. As you all noticed we didn’t do one and there were no outfit posts last week and it made me super sad, so I was ecstatic to be getting back on track. We did another 5 awesome looks and I really think you are all going to enjoy what you see this week. After I got home Saturday I went back to bed for a couple of hours then our whole family did a bunch of yard work and then we all went out for ice cream for a job well done. The kids went to their dads early so Nightrider and I got some alone time Saturday afternoon and ran to Old Navy and I picked up a couple of pieces including a really great top I am going to have to show you all in next weeks shoot. Then we went to an end of the semester Margarita Dance Party and my bff’s house and had a great time, which included far too much tequilla for me and Nightrider got me out of there before I became “that drunk girl” haha! Spent yesterday hanging around the house and had a lovely time together! I am finally feeling 100% back to myself and that is WONDERFUL!

Now onto the outfit! Back in April I featured the Tiffany Top from Elocin Fashions as a Drool-WorthyD ress Of The Day and the lovely people at Elocin sent it to me to review as well!

Photos By Candace Sweet <<<<<< Follow Her On Facebook!

As you can see this is a really fun and great top from Elocin Fashions! It has a great color combination and tie dye look that is great for spring and summer. The top is true to size, this is a 2X which fit me great! The beading at the waistline is the only really structured part of this piece so make sure you are careful with your waist measurements, but this tunic does have a zip up side to make it easier to put on. I didn’t even realize the zipper was there until I already had it on though so its pretty easy to pull it over the head too. One of the things I loved about this tunic is the great beading and hemp detailing on the waistline. I also love the large flowy sleeves on this top that would fit any arm size comfortably and be flattering. There is a bit of rutching in the sleeve that keeps it looking a bit more structured as well which adds on to the great look! Elocin totally nailed it with this great top that I am sure I will be wearing all summer!

I paired the Tiffany Tie Dye Top with a white cami from NY&CO because it is definitely a very low-cut top, you will need to wear a cami with this or else you will definitely not be leaving much to the imagination, unless that’s your thing! I had a hard time deciding what to wear on the bottom because I am just really not normally a girl who wears very much blue or brown and am really out of practice when it comes to pairing those types of colors. I finally decided on my darkest washed Torrid jeggings which I think ended up looking really nice with the top. I choose my light brown Steve Madden heels that I picked up years  ago at Famous Footwear which actually matched the brown in the top PERFECTLY!

I loved this look and even though it is a bit different from my typical style I loved how flattering it was and SO INCREDIBLY COMFORTABLE TOO!

Check out everything Elocin Fashions has to offer, they have great prices and some really lovely pieces that are totally worth taking a peek at! Follow Elocin on Facebook as well to not miss a beat from this great boutique, i hear they have some great new pieces coming soon and tell them Stiletto sent ya!