Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wedding Gift Registry Don't (s)

Wedding Gift Registry “Don'ts”
(aka Shop Smart!)

By Jessica O’Brien, Managing Editor

Without sounding like a Suze Orman rip off, we’ll start off by saying that “in this economy”, we think it makes sense to start off simple, and work to upgrade things for your home as your marriage grows (and your income/savings). Many young couples are hypnotized by the “bleep bleep” of the fancy price tag ‘taser’ gun when you set up your wedding registry. We actually didn’t do a registry; we had bought a lot of the things you would register for when we moved in together prior to our wedding. We completely and totally fell for the glitz and sparkle of Bed, Bath & Beyond, and spent WAY too much money to furnish and stock up our first apartment together. We did need almost all essentials, as we were coming from two situations (Jess had been living at home; Martin was living with his brothers) where most “stuff” was someone else’s!
Starting a life together is very exciting, but it is also expensive!! There is no need to drain the pockets of your loved ones as well! Just be realistic when making your gift registry choices. Don’t be afraid to be frank with your future spouse if you disagree with an extravagant wish of theirs! Going to your selected store with a list already in hand will help keep you on track and away from some of these temptations!! We’re not saying that you need to go without, and feel major guilt, but just be smart, and realize that even though it’s cheesy, it’s not the crap you have in your home that makes you happy, but the person you’re sharing the home with!
I would venture a guess that most of these items are well intentioned by couples. The reality is though that you really are not going to take the time to make your own ice cream on a regular basis!
v     Ice Cream Maker
v     Popcorn Popper
v     Margarita Maker – Um, it’s called a blender, people.
v     Juicer
v     Iced Tea Maker – Yes, we bought one. We used it twice.
v     Super Duper Expensive Cookware – While you do not want to get the cheap stuff, you should be realistic about your anticipated cooking habits with your new spouse. If you two are usually take-out addicts, don’t bother with that $200 Calphalon 4Qt. Sauce Pan!
v     Chocolate Fondue Fountain – It might be a cute option to have at your reception for dessert, but beyond that, how many times are you going to use it?
v     Cloth Napkins
v     Expensive Picture Frames – Photos framed in a $5 frame will look as nice!
v     Super Duper Expensive China – Start small with your number of place settings too, unless you know you are a dinner party fanatic!
v     Really Expensive Stuff – Unless you have rich friends!
v     Toilet – You would think this one was a joke?! Friends of mine put this on their Home Depot registry, and a friend of ours TOTALLY bought one for them. LOL
v     Foot Spa – Unless you truly work on your feet enough for it to be worth it)


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