Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Marcy goes to VEGAS! and shares her thoughts after a cocktail or two... :)


Monique said...

How do you know if those women, who you deem "not cute and frumpy," feel great in what they're wearing? Did you ask any of them how they felt in their clothing? You didn't, right?

Just because you don't like what they're wearing doesn't mean that they don't love it. Maybe they don't particularly like your outfit. Just because you're wearing something trendy doesn't mean you're in style.

Then you are contradicting yourself by saying it matters what you wear in Vegas and then you tell us that as long as you feel good then that's all that matters. What?

Wow...Skorch if you're looking for someone to be controversial then you've found her. I think you have the right to your opinion but, this shouldn't be coming from a magazine that supposedly wants us to love ourselves for who we are. Especially, when you're putting other plus size women down because they aren't dressing up to your cute standards. Not impressed.

Anonymous said...

I have to second Monique's comment.

Sorry Marcy, but what on earth are you trying to say??? You're sitting there talking crap about how frumpy and horrible other plus size women look, and then go on to say, "it really is about wearing what makes you feel good." Uh, okay, but you have NO idea how these women felt while wearing their "frumpy" clothing. Maybe they felt amazing in their outfits. Maybe not. The point is, you don't know. Stop being judgmental then trying to cover it up by spewing your as-long-as-you-feel-great, cover-my-ass bullshit.

Poor choice in employment, Skorch HR.

Lisa Talbot said...

I have to third this.

I am also wondering about Skorch at the moment with all this crap... Skorch, it is one thing to advocate health and people to feel good about themselves, but Marcy is continually putting down people in her "Marcy Minute" xoxoSKORCH official segments.

I can't help but wonder if you have hired her just to get yourselves noticed? You relaunched lately and it was kind of great - but this isn't. This is continually mean and while I am not anti-thin (at all), Marcy is continually anti-fat.

I am an health addict, I run for at least 30 minutes every day and walk for at least 20 minutes on either side of that run. I am also a size 16 and love reading blogs etc. that are positive and make me feel good about myself. You guys are failing to do that. I can't come here anymore.

I mean, if I went to Vegas, I would likely take some different clothes but you better believe I'd wear my oversized shirts - because when I wear those shirts, they "make me feel great". Saying, as well, that Marcy knew no one was a SKORCHER because no one looked "hot" and she was the only one who dresses "correctly" makes me wonder what on earth Marcy really thinks of herself. This seems to veil her own DEEP insecurities and maybe that's why she is constantly negative and needing to "never look fat" and be rude about EVERY other curvy girl in Vegas. I am all for being healthy and looking cute - if that's what people want and need, but to dismiss all other curvy women in Las Vegas carte-blanche as Marcy has is really rude and reflects SO poorly on SKORCH.

Marcy - to me, you look and sound like a girl with MASSIVE insecurities. Maybe sort them out before using your mouth as a flame thrower?

plussizelingerie said...

Sorry, I agree with Marcy! I live in Las Vegas and I am appalled by what people wear when visiting our city. Fat and frumpy! Marcy is absolutely correct in what she is saying. Doesn't anyone take pride in their appearance anymore?

Being fat does not give you a license to to look like a slob! There are many options for the plus size female when it comes to clothing, and there is no reason to look fat and frumpy. Wouldn't you rather be comfortable and look great as opposed to being comfortable and looking fat and frumpy?

When you look feel good!

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