Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Devil Wears A Size 18

In this miraculous new movement of women taking control of their bodies and accepting their destinies lays a hidden power house of she devils.  These women are now in control of not only their bodies and destinies but the way our society see’s real women.  No longer is a size 2 girl the “it girl” but a curvy size 12, 14 and even dare I say it a size “18.”  It’s not about lack of self control, or forging through and making “overweight” an icon.  It’s the realization that real women have more than curves.  These she devils are breaking through with voluptuous bosoms and hills of curves that would stop just about anyone dead in their tracks.

Not even the recent ban by NBC and Fox news of Lane Bryant showing a curvaceous body in their lingerie commercial stopped these she devils.  Because for every censor they put on Lane Bryant on their local t.v. stations, it was another hit Lane Bryant pulled on You Tube and every other social media site you can imagine.  These foxy ladies are in position to create change in women by motivating positive body images.  While Victoria’s Secrets Angels are shaking their hot stuff on the runway in a size C cup, a she devil will walk the walk in a size DD.

If you assume that there is a lack of health and fitness in these miraculous full figured bodies that is an assumption you may want to take back.  These ladies hit the gym several times a week.  They understand the importance of wellness and indulge in delectable healthy meals.  For those that have never paused on a Nigella Bites cooking show you forget that she devils are everywhere from cooking shows to fashion week.  Full figured goddesses are taking over the world I like to say.  This is not for many to fear but for many to see the epic change that our society will soon feel.  The jolt will be felt from the fashion world to the fitness world.

See as the Devil Wears Prada this new catwalk of curvy goddesses are she devils that wear a size 18+.  They are powerhouses packed with healthy doses of great food and healthy eating habits.  They never stumble and take each day with an hour in the gym or fitness class that does not take away from their curves.  Instead it tightens their body and enhances their figure.  Healthy she devils that are not committed to what others think they should be but what they think of themselves.  In the end for those that have not found their place in this world all it takes is one step towards self acceptance.  Move forward towards health and wellness as it enhances your inner and outer beauty.  But most of all take a giant leap towards becoming your own version of the latest she devils who wear nothing but a Size 18.

Bonnielee Cuevas is an Author, Business and Lifestyle Expert, Motivational Speaker and Guru who helps restore women’s body images through her company Fitness Fashionistas.  She has been featured in the Oxygen Special Collector’s Issue “Off the Couch” 2009, and other media outlets.  She continues to inspire women of all shapes and sizes with her national workshops and events.  She is also a certified instructor in various fitness modalities and is an iconic full figured guru who inspires women to enhance their lives through fitness and wellness.

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Anika said...

love it! thanks for that! we are lovely strong women, and we`re here to stay! gotta love that! :)

x0x0x Anika

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