Tuesday, May 25, 2010

OOTD: What Are Ya Gonna Do? Shoot Da Swans? These lovelies?

Guess who broke the law last weekend? You guessed it me Miss Goodie Goodie!! Ok now breaking into the paddle boats at the park and parking in loading zones may not seem like Bag Girl behavior but for me it is, especially since i’m typically a bit by the book! But I couldnt resist when I put on this dress Saturday and was on my way to meet up with Candace Sweet I just couldn’t stop thinking about taking the shots in this location!

Photos By Candace Sweet <<<<< Follow Her On Facebook!
First off let me tell ya that while I love the water and enjoy a good swim every now and then I am soooo not a boat kinda girl, infact I get sea sick on ferries,  and the thought of taking a dip in the nasty lake sounded absolutely awful. It must have been pretty amusing wathing my fraidy cat booty trying to get into this boat in wedges none the less, but I accomplished it and it was one of the highlights of my shoot!

I picked this dress up from Torrid online last summer during one of there fabulous 50% off clearance sales and wasn’t sure about it until it arrived. This dress fits my body perfectly and is such a  fun tie dyesc print. I normally don’t really wear blue but this dress is one of my summer faves. I love that it has black in it so I can pair it with black leggings and a cardi for the office but can also wear it with bare legs and a great sandal. I chose to wear it with leggings Saturday since it was a bit chilly, but no cardi here! Hopefully you noticed that my outfit posts were all missing cardigans  and jackets this week as it is getting warmer and I am loving showing a bit of skin. I don’t have any shame in my arms so I’m glad to show them off!

Well this is the last post that you will be seeing from me until Monday. Nightrider and I are headed to Eugene Oregon to visit her cousin and let off a bit of steam. I am in serious need of a break as I have been working really hard and I will be only working a half day today even. Unfortunately since I will be out of town Candace and I probably wont do another shoot until  Tuesday Evening but hopefully I should have some great photos from my vacation and I will make sure to get a couple shots of my outfits from Nightrider. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend and I am going to enjoy some much needed rest, relaxation, hippes and tequilla!



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