Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pure Energy comes to my Myrtle Beach Target!!

By Jessica O'Brien, Managing Editor

After getting some crummy news today, I felt the need for a little "Targét Therapy"!! With hubby in tow, we headed to the store. During our last few trips we actually stuck to our shopping list, so I hadn't been in the clothing section in a while. I wanted to check it out this time to see if "Pure Energy" had made it's way to my local store. I was excited to see the clothing rack stocked, and topped off with a poster of a familiar face: Kelsey Olson! Kelsey was XOXOSKORCH's January 2010 cover girl! I felt like a proud Mama!!

I was pretty happy with the items they had on the floor, but will be even happier when the collection includes more than one rack!! Their sizes are displayed like a lot of other plus lines using a 1, 2, 3, &4 instead of 14/16, etc... I did purchase a staple pair of black leggings before leaving!! I'm excited to see how they fit.



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