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A SKORCH Magazine Exclusive Interview: David Tutera

A SKORCH Magazine Exclusive Interview: David Tutera
By: Lourdes Gutierrez, Special Features Editor

He was voted the “Best Celebrity Wedding Planner” by Life & Style magazine and has the amazing client list to prove itHe has worked with stars like Jennifer Lopez, Star Jones, and Matthew McConaughey on their Hollywood weddings an his reality show, “My Fair Wedding,” is currently filming a third season for WE TV.  With his books on wedding and event planning on numerous best-seller lists, David Tutera is now using his wedding expertise to conquer the world of wedding gowns.  David Tutera by Faviana, the wedding guru’s new line of gorgeous bridal gowns, features dresses in sizes 0-24 in all styles for brides, both traditional and modern.  For our first ever bridal issue, SKORCH asked David Tutera for his advice to make sure your wedding day is as stylish and stress-free as possible.


SKORCH was ecstatic to learn your Faviana gown line will feature sizes 0-24.  Why did you decide to consider such a great size range?

David Tutera: After spending over 20 years in the wedding business and working with brides around the world, I have seen what is available at every price point and size.  I wanted to create a line that looks amazing, at prices that brides can afford and in sizes that allow everyone to have options that allow them to look and feel like a celebrity on the most important day of a girl’s life.

SKORCH: When it comes to gowns, what should plus size women look for and consider when searching for THE dress?

DT: The best advice I can give when searching for that dream gown is go to reputable bridal boutiques that have trained and knowledgeable sales people that can help guide and show you gowns for YOUR body type.  Different gowns and different cuts work better for certain women.  Remember; don't settle on something you don't love.  Every bride knows THE dress for her the moment she tries it on.

SKORCH: Is the fashion aspect of weddings your next big venture since you're already a famous planner and best-selling author?

DT: Fashion is definitely my latest big venture—but I believe in always exploring and expanding my brand so there will always be more to come!

SKORCH: What is a typical day like for you?

DT: There are truly no “typical” days—and I must say that I enjoy that!  My days are choreographed between filming “My Fair Wedding” and meeting with clients, working on my brands and managing my staff to make sure everything runs as smooth as possible.

SKORCH: What was it like to work with Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings, where you can get married at the theme parks?

DT: I've been a fan of Disney since I was a kid and working with the team at Disney has been magical.  They really take pride in bring joy to their guests and making their wedding dreams become a reality.

SKORCH: You’ve worked with a variety of celebrities from Barbara Walters to Jennifer Lopez.  Is there a particular celebrity wedding you would love to plan?

DT: I would love to plan Carrie Underwood's wedding–I’m a huge fan of her and of “American Idol.”

SKORCH: You've mentioned incorporating the 5 senses into your wedding design.  Why is this important when planning a wedding?

DT: A truly successful wedding, or any event, should capture the guests within the first three seconds they enter the space.  The best way to fully capture them is to entice each of the five senses…it creates emotion, excitement and interest to keep them wanting more.

SKORCH: What are the biggest wedding trends for 2010?

DT: 2010 is showing bigger and more elaborate weddings.  2009 was more about intimate and smaller--but this year brides are choosing more!

SKORCH: What tips do you have for brides to keep their dresses in-place and dazzling throughout the wedding and reception?

DT: The right fit and fittings for a dress are key as well as making sure you wear the correct under garments.  Again, making sure you go to a reputable bridal boutique will make all the difference!

SKORCH: How do you keep your brides confident and collected during the planning stages?

DT: After over 20 years working with brides, I have a knack for anticipating bride’s thoughts and stresses ahead of time.  That way I can alleviate stress and help them keep calm and collected—that’s why they turn to me!

SKORCH: Do you think the bridal industry will pay more attention to the needs of plus sized brides now that women are demanding more size options in fashion?

DT: I can't speak for the entire industry, but I can say that I will continue to always make my lines available to a variety of sizes.

SKORCH: Will we get to see you in another season of "My Fair Weddings?" Did any of the brides become a particular favorite?

DT: I'm currently filming the 3rd season of My Fair Wedding, which will include travels to Dallas and LA.  It's still too early to pick a favorite, but so far, there's one that is "addictive" and I just love!

 SKORCH: Many of our readers would love to have your job.  What would you tell someone looking to go into the wedding planning field?

DT: The best way to get into wedding planning is to try to intern with a wedding planner and to work within the wedding industry to learn as much as you can first hand.

Look for the newest season of “My Fair Wedding” on WE TV soon and visit the Faviana website at http://www.davidtuterabyfaviana.com/ to view David Tutera’s gorgeous dresses.  For more on David Tutera and to keep up with news about his latest books, fashion lines and television shows; visit www.DavidTutera.com


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