Sunday, May 2, 2010

Summer Trends 2010: Embroidered Dresses

One of the best parts of summer is the fashion. I love sun dresses and have a closet full of them. The best part of a dress is that the top and bottom match without any thought! Here are a few favorites from Torrid! They are having a great sale right now and I am definitely going to take advantage of it!

The first dress I love is the Black Ruffled Embroidered Hem Tube Dress. It is absolutely adorable and has an ethnic vibe. I love anything that is embroidered, and cannot wait to get my paws on this dress. Throw a cute little shrug over this and you are read to hit any events, day or night!

The next dress I love is the Black Jersey Embroidered Maxi Dress. Here I go again with the embroidery and I am loving it! Maxis make me feel tall and beautiful! I love wearing them and sweeping into a room like I own the place. I love throwing on some funky vintage jewelry and rocking these dresses!
What summer dresses are your favorites?

Frugal Fanny!


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