Sunday, May 2, 2010

NEW NAIL TREND: Blackberry Bling

The Blackberry Bling???

Have you guys heard of the whole “Blackberry Bling” thing?

Blackberry Bling is when you paint your thumbs a flashy color that’s different from the rest of your nails, so they stand out as you type on–you guessed it–your Blackberry.

The sparkly silver shade she has on her thumbs is “Star Dust”, from a natural nail color brand called M2M by Damore Jon. The inky color on her other nails is “Rock Star” by the same brand (this one’s not for sale quite yet). She got the Mani done at the Wellington Hair Spa in the city.


As for the origin of the Blackberry Bling trend: I received a press release saying that manicurist Dawn Sterling of the Carol’s Daughter Back Room Hand & Foot Spa in New York coined the term and predicted that this would be a big nail trend this winter. Her reasoning? “Everyone has a BlackBerry, and even if you don’t, you’ve got something that you’re texting and emailing on all day–with your thumbs. Since your thumbs are always in sight they’ve become a huge fashion accessory.” In her version, both the thumb and index finger are painted the flashier polish color.

What do you think of this newest trend? Silly or Totally you? Leave us a comment and let us know.


Amor said...

Ya know what, as silly as this may seem, I actually like it! I'm gonna try it! :) Thanks for sharing...awesome post!!!!

Anonymous said...

Silly yes... but sometimes I do this already. I just paint random nails different colors! LOL I'm a trendsetter I guess. Been doing this for awhile now!

Anonymous said...

Totally doing this and stenciling an "F" on my thumbs. Monogram style.


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