Well its your lucky day, since yesterday there were technical difficulties keeping me from posting an outfit today you get two!

The first outfit for today is one of my favorite casual weekend combos. What better place to shoot this then a place we frequent on the weekends, especially at 2 in the morning after hitting the clubs? The ever elusive Pie Hole! 

Photos By Candace Sweet <<<< Follow Her On Facebook!

This outfit is comfort and sass in one with my red hankerchief tank and black lace ankle leggings from Torrid. I paired it with my black canvas wedges from Payless. This outfit is simple, comfy and a bit edgy with the great face print on the tank. I love what this top does for my curves too! I bought it on clearance at Torrid during a 50% Off Clearance sale too so even better that I got it at a great price!
And don’t you absolutely love how much of a dork I am in that last photo? I know how to work it and geek it up!