Tuesday, May 25, 2010

OOTD: Our World Is Spinning At The Speed Of Light

Bet you all didn’t know that I have 4 tattoos. I’m sure you have all noticed the leaf on my arm, and maybe even those of you who look closely and pay attention have seen the butterfly I have had on my shoulder since I was 18 but I also have another two that are a bit more hidden. I will admit that I do have a tramp stamp (i was 19 years old give me a break) that is the Chinese symbols for eternal love and anyone who has seen me in a pair of low-rise jeans has seen that one too. My fourth tat however is bit more a secret and has only been seen by partners in the bedroom and of course when I have had too much tequilla at the bar HA!

Before I got married to my ex husband I was parting it up and celebrating the end of an era of me being single with my girlfriends. I was only 20 at the time and really the eldest out of all my friends so we couldn’t hit he bars and go through the real tiara wearing, free shots bachelorette party routines like most girls. Instead we hit up a resturaunt with a live band and on our way back to our cars passed a tattoo parlor. Well I got the crazy idea to get a new tat to always remember the evening with my girlfriends and they all chipped in a paid for it.  When I was little I loved the Care Bears and have always considered myself a female version of Bedtime Bear (I LOVE TO SLEEP) so I figured what do all Care Bears have? Well those of you that know your 90′s cartoons know its hearts on their hineys! I too became a Care Bear that night and have the cute pink heart on my booty to prove it!

Ok so what the hell does this little anecdote have to do with my Outfit Post today? Well that great pink and green building behind me is the very tattoo parlor where I dropped my pants and took it like the sassy lady I am!

Photos By Candace Sweet <<<<< Follow Her On Facebook!

I have been wanting to showcase this great Leopard Dress from Torrid for a long time and have just been waiting for the right day to do it! I call this my FUCKING PARTY DRESS and always feel like an animal in it, hence the Ke$ha “Animal” lyrics. I picked this dress up before a trip with Nightrider last September and have sported it a number of times since then. I have worn this dress to bars, parties and even in the office a time or two. In this look I paired it with my black ankle lace leggings also from Torrid and my black bow tie heels from Shoe Carnival.

This outfit always makes me feel fierce, hot, and like a million bucks! All women should have a dress that makes them feel a bit wild and remember the more wild memories in their lives. Tell me about yours!



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