Friday, May 7, 2010

OOTD: Leopard and Studs, Perfectly Suited

Well, hello there! Peacock-happy!

Today I was feeling confident in a leopard blue dress and a studded bolero jacket, not a bad thing during a challenging day at work!

I reworked the top of the dress from a halterneck to a sweetheart neckline because this accents my hourglass shape where the halterneck just made me look top heavy.  I used the leftover material for a waistband.
The bolero jacket used to be a suit jacket, but now it`s been cropped, tailored to hug my curves and studded by yours truly.

Statement studs, originally part of the neckline of the dress that was left over when I made one dress out of two:

Oh, and before I started stripping the studs off the neckline it made a very nice talking piece! (remember that post?)

... but is it art? :D

I love reworking and reusing loved pieces, and had fun adding studs to my bolero, mirroring the grey leopard spots on the dress.

Do you like to tailor fashion to suit your body better? Tell me how!



ladolcelindsay said...

I love the peacock feathers. Would love one for myself. Dare I ask where to get one?

Anika said...

Of course! I got mine here in Norway where I live, but you could try H&M :)

xoxo Anika

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