Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Prom Horror Story

I did not go to my Junior prom when I was in High School. My father was very overprotective. I was the obedient daughter who got the decent grades, did the chores, took care of my siblings and rarely ever asked to go anywhere because I knew what the answer would most likely be. I really wanted to go to my Senior Prom so I ended up devising a plan to trick my father into thinking it was a "School Function" for the graduating Seniors. If I had told him it was a dance he would have never let me go.

I planned to raise the money for a dress and shoes by making the Corsages and Boutonnieres. I also decorated the Champagne glasses for one of my friends, sister's QuinceaƱera. Let's just say I made a deal with her mom and when all the work was done she didn't fulfill her end of the bargain. Prom came nearer and nearer and I was left with no dress!

It came down to the night of my Senior prom. It was about two hours away and here I was trying to muster up the courage to ask my father permission to go to my "School Function". I had already prepared a typed memo (FRAUD) from the school about the celebration for the Seniors. (Wink-Wink) I made sure I did this about a week earlier. Finally I handed it to Papi and amazingly he said Yes! I almost fell out! He asked me what time I would be back, and like a dummy I said 10pm. I didn't know anything about Prom.

I ended up borrowing a dress from a friend who graduated two years earlier. I also had the shoes from my confirmation and just wore those. After my Papi gave me permission I ran across the street to my Bestie's house so we could both get ready. I did her hair (came out kinda leaning to the left, haha) but it was cute. I also did my own hair as well. When I was finished I ran back across the street to get my dress and shoes. I said good bye to Papi and told him that I was leaving.

Before leaving to go to Prom my friends mom was taking pictures with her camera.
I had a disposable camera but I had lost it at home in my mom's pack-rat house. Recently my friend was digging through her old pics a few years later and found this from that night!

Yes, those are hair spikes. I rocked them. The dress was a Lavender or Lilac? All that trouble to just to go to the Prom. I told my daddy I would be back by 10pm. The grand march ended at about 10pm. What a great prom huh? Needless to say this picture is the only tangible memory I have of that "amazing" night. So, hopefully you won't have to have a master plan like me, and hopefully the following pics and URLs will guide you curvy chicas to your dream dress to wear to your Prom this year. Good luck!

You can also check out GO JANE, some of their dresses go up to XXL and XXXL and the prices are pretty reasonable too!


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