Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tasty Taupe Treats

I adore strange barely-there colors, and one of my favorites is Taupe, highly underestimated in my opinion. Can it be dull? Yes, I`ll admit it, but when mixed with more exiting materials it really can make for a lovely treat. Contrasting soft taupe with .... guessed it; sequins makes me tingly with happiness. I can`t explain it just happens :) )

I went shopping today, here`s my catch:

A yummy Taupe jersey dress with sequined shoulders that bring on just the right amount of drama:

The dress fit (haha!), but the fun pretty much stopped there. So before I had defrosted from the chilly walk home ♫Aint no mountain high enough, Ain`t no♫.. (well, you get my drift). I was on my hands and feet cutting the dress into a glam bolero (now there`s a quick fix, literally!):

I love the contrast of the dark shoulders with the soft material.

Here`s my Taupe glitz for tomorrow:
Taupe re-worked Bolero mixed with an incredibly wrinkled dress. I can see that I must start ironing! (Note to Self: Buy an iron)

Actually I have decided that should be a look. Maybe because I turned 31 recently, this decision may be linked to the perpetual discovery of more wrinkles on my face. (Sorry, i'll stop the psychoanalysis now) Actually maybe get an iron after all :)

Specked headband, neckless used as bangle and glass ring.
Detail of the Sequined shoulder:
Turquoise glass meets feathers, sequins and jersey

Here`s a great example of taupe that is anything but boring:

I love the ripped edges on the skirt

Here are some more Taupy delights that i`d be more than happy to take home:
Taupe fortress!

Sequined Necklace
(Shouldn`t be to hard to make, no?)
It`s a Liza Minelly-moment!
A very elegant one I might add :)
Dripping with luxury.... Yes, please!

As an afterthought I can`t resist showing you these pants, taupe or no taupe:

Go on, put MC Hammer to shame! (and send me the pics!)
Or send me a pair, and I`ll send YOU the pics ;)



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