Saturday, March 27, 2010

ASOS Curve Dress Review

So I have mentioned this dress from ASOS Curve before, but have never done any pics on it. This dress is one of my favorite pieces I have ever owned. It is bright, structured, a little bit crazy for my current local, and absolutely fabulous! This dress brings a smile to my face every time I see it hanging in my closet and also puts and extra spring in my step every time I wear it. ASOS Curve is such a great line and the quality of their clothing is amazing. The fit is also impeccable. Normally it can be a bit tricky for me ordering from the UK with my size, especially because I tend to fit in smaller dress sizes then i do anything else. I ordered this in a 22UK and it fits ideally with a loose quality I can enjoy for Spring, especially with the fabulous light fabric, but can be structured with a corset belt like I did today.

The corset belt i’m wearing today came from Torrid with this dress that I love as well and is now on CLEARANCE! My black cotton leggings with lace bottoms are also from Torrid and I don’t think I could live without them. My wedge peeptoes are from Payless. It was a bit cold out today so I added my black bomber from Yours Clothing to completely the look.

I am feeling great in this look, and it is even effecting my mood, i feel full of sunshine and energy and I think that is in large part to the ASOS Curve Dress. I can’t wait until I have some shopping money again so I can purchase more from them. I especially have my eye on this this and this. Another great thing about ASOS Curve is that Vanessa Reece has been hired on as their new fit model. She has a great curvy body and I know that the clothes are going to fit even better and be even more amazing with her involvement!

Whats your favorite good mood piece?

Stiletto Siren from 'My Lipstick on Her Collar'


Anika said...

Fab spring dress, perfect for having a lot of fun in! ;)

Anonymous said...

I love the dress and it even matches your hair color!!!

NikStar said...

I've seen this dress done a few different ways and I think I like this the best!

Stiletto Siren said...

Aww thanks @NikStar @Anika @Jayla
you all are too sweet! There are so many great ways to style this dress especially with all the colors in it!

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