Sunday, March 21, 2010

HELP! Zipper Troubles


Hey Tiffany!

I recently just scored this awesome pair of jeans at Torrid ON SALE!!! They are perfect in every way. They are the perfect length (I'm very short), the perfect shade, the perfect fit... except for one minor detail. My zipper will NOT stay up for the life of me!!!

Do you have any tips to make it stay up? Any little tricks of the trade? I am dying to get out and give these bad boys a try for a Girls Night Out but I would be too embarrassed if my fly kept coming open! Please help!!

Carmine from California

Dear Carmine from California...

I asked my friends and did some research and came up with these ideas. I hope they help!!

1. Slightly crimp the part of the zipper that slides over the teeth.
(Use pliers and do it gently.) If you crimp it too much, spread it back out a bit with a screwdriver. I've had to do this several times to coats.


1. Take a small piece of ribbon, strong string or cord and make a loop through the zipper hole and tie it closed (like a zipper pull).

2. Next, use a small safety pin to fasten the 'zipper pull' in the position where the zipper would be 'closed' to hold it up. Once you pin the 'tab' in place, it won't go anywhere!
Good Luck!
-Frugal Fanny


DivaInDeepThought said...

I use old key rings by attaching them to the zipper and then pull the ring over the button tap. And then button close. You can't see the key ring... and your zipper doesn't budge.
Also, in a pinch with no key ring... I use a rubber band.

Moe said...

I have used a short ribbon threaded through the hole in the pull tab. Pull up the sipper than tie it around the button neck. Then do up the button. Be sure to knot and not bow. You can leave it there during washing etc so you don't have to find a new ribbon every time. I like to use a pretty ribbon like red, blue, or black satin so if it peeks out for whatever reason someone isn't trying to pull on my string.

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