Thursday, March 25, 2010

OOTD: Ruffles Are Delicious

Did you know that historically, ruffles, most notably in the "Elizabethan" age, were used to adorn ladies (and gentlemen) of the elite class in order to determine or display social status in society? And the more "ruffley" ones' attire, the higher on the hierarchical pyramid they were thought to be.

Hmmmm, go figure!

It's certainly true that the evolution of the ruffle has been a long, and at times, digressive evolution. In the 1970's and 80's it seemed like ruffles had made their way back into the limelight, when musicians like Jimi Hendrix and Elton John opted for more flamboyant attire, the masses followed suit with ruffles, belled sleeves and lush, exuberant prints. And there was not a prom during this time period, without at least one stage five pubescent, high school boy who arrived, bow tie, ruffled shirt and all...YYYYEEEEAAAAHHHHH

(See your parents' Prom pictures for evidence)

But again, fashion soon grew weary of the ruffle, and it seemed like somewhere down the line, the ruffle had lost its' social status, charm and overall appeal. Once the crowning glory of 15th century women everywhere, the ruffle was now banished to the categories of "Tacky", "Old-fashioned" and "That looks like something only my grandmother would wear..."

But just like history, fashion has a way of repeating itself, and the ruffle has made a comeback in a BIG way for Spring 2010!

Not to be distasteful though, designers have found ways to translate the "old-fashioned" ruffle, into something new and fresh. From cutting edge fabrics, aptly called "Eyelash" to strategically cascading tiers, the ruffle is showing a much edgier and sophisticated side. Now, if you're still convinced that this trend is absolutely NOT for you, consider trying something with a minute detail, like a dress with a cascading shoulder or a peplum dress with two tiers!

So without further ado, I present to you, a few of my favorite "Ruffley" finds...

New Gray Ruffled Zipper Dress, $27.99 available at Jens Fashion Plus

Leather Fingerless Gloves, Made by me

Leather Gladiator Platorm Sandals, last season's find

(SIDENOTE: I absolutely love this dress! It's SUPER comfortable and ultra sexy! Love the front zipper detail and the fact that the "eyelash" is continuous, which gives it a great texture from afar. It is extremely versatile, so for a more casual look, I will definietly be wearing leggings with this dress and a great flat gladiator sandal!)

(Grey Ruffle Long Line Vest, £18.00 (Approx. $27.00) available at; Chiffon Tiered Hem Dress, £25.00 (Approx. $38.00) available at

(Blush Lace Ruffle Sleeve Dress, £35.00 (Approx. $52.50) available at
; Pink and Grey Lace Bustier Top, $44.00 available at

(Black Ruffled Open Knit Vest, $34.00 available at
; Teal Double Peplum-Knit Dress, $42.98 available at

(Chiffon Ruffle Bandeau Bra, $40.00 available at
; "Espana" One Shoulder Ruffle Plus Size Swimsuit w/Detachable Strap - Black, $118.00 available at

Until Next time F5's and Skorchers alike....

Stay D'lish

P.S. Any excuse for a little "Hendrix" is a good excuse...He AND his RUFFLED shirt...:)


Stiletto Siren said...

Loving that dress from Jen's Fashion Plus, it looks fierce! I was admiring it the other day on her site, it is now for sure on my shopping list!!

Great post!
Stiletto Siren

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