Friday, March 19, 2010

OOTD: Spring Has Sprung!!

Today it is supposed to be in the 50’s and tomorrow the 60’s and I couldn’t be more excited. We have had sunshine all week and the anticipation of Spring has got me all giddy. I can’t wait for bare legs, sandals and the freckles that will start appearing all over my body. My Dad called them angel kisses and that’s what they will always feel like. I love the warm weather and am so happy that winter is almost behind us. Today is a casual Friday and I decided to throw in a bit of Spring into my look today.

My outfit is completely from Torrid, imagine that, except for the shoes which are from Payless. I am wearing some dark wash jeggings, a bohemian patterned tank with a ruffled stretch bust, and my frilly white cardigan. I love all the colors in the pattern of my tank and played off of the punchy pink in the shirt and matched it to my cute flats that I just bought a couple weeks ago on clearance for only $7! Ultimate win!

Today my lovely girlfriend Nightrider decided to make an appearance. She is dressed in her typical Spring attire as well. With her brown t-shirt, brown and white plaid cargo shorts and white button up shirt. Her whole outfit come from Old Navy except for the shoes that are Airwalks from Payless as well. Nightrider prefers to dress for the most part in mens clothing has a hard time finding clothes because even plus sized mens clothes are made to fit mens bodies and not the curvature of a woman. Any other curvy girls out there who can identify with shopping for mens clothes some tips we have picked up is to do a lot of online shopping. The stuff in stores isnt catering to you so you have to search a bit more to make it work. American Eagle and Old Navy have online mens plus lines and they both have those cute plaid shorts that are definitely in during the warmer months. Make sure your measure yourself well and follow the sizing charts for the correct fit.

Happy Spring Everyone!
Stiletto & Nightrider



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