Tuesday, March 23, 2010

OOTD: My Boost Of Power

If you've been by here from time to time... I am sure you know that RED is my power color. And PURPLE is my "signature" color (according to my BFF Diva Dawn). So because the last few days have been a little hard to handle... I thought I could use a boost from both colors. I had a meeting today so I wanted to look my best while also feeling powerful and intellectual. I think this outfit accomplishes both tasks. I actually ended wear a more "covered" red top... but for the pictures... I got hot and took off a layer.

Outfit Breakdown:

Tank: Walmart

Crop Sweater: Newport News

Pants: New York and Company

Shoes: Micheal Shannon (Off Broady Shoes)

Necklace: Flea Market

Bracelet: Dots

Earrings: Claires

Even though I am extra bloated today... I still felt attractive... I also loved how my red/purple makeup turned out:



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