Monday, March 29, 2010

Teen Fa(T)shion

I wasn’t always the fatshionista I am today. While I have always been confident and for the most part comfortable with my always curvy body, when I was a teenager shopping and getting dressed was sometimes a traumatic experience. Shopping online was unheard of for me when I was in high school and it wasnt until around my senior year that Torrid opened up in Boise, or that any of the retailers started carrying plus sized lines that weren’t hideous. I would look at my smaller peers and drool over their cute put together and almost effortless looks and would do my best working with what I had to stay in fashion. It wasnt always successful and caused me to have a bit of an identity crisis sometimes. I went through this really odd (odd for me) punk rock phase my junior year and I think in large part that was because I could actually fit into a lot o the clothes at Hot Topic even if they weren’t really my personal style. I ended up looking a lot more like Kelly Osbourne (who I adore now, but her style choices weren’t that great in 2002) and a lot less like the stars I was really seeing my personal style radiating in.

Some recent copies of Seventeen Magazine have randomly appeared at the office, which is kind off interesting since I’m the youngest person here at age 24… but anyhoo I was perusing them and Nina Dobrev was on the cover for April. I know who Nina is, hell I have been a Degrassi fan since the late 80’s, and I have almost teenage kids now so I still see my fair share of it. Plus that Vampire Diaries show isn’t too bad. Seems like Nina has pretty much got the world at her fingertips lately and who wouldn’t expect that,shes simply gorgeous, a good little actress and seems to be pretty down to earth and girl next doorish. She reminds me of a much more fashion forward Katie Holmes back when she was Joey on Dawson’s Creek. Damn ok I really need to quit ageing myself here!

Anyhoo I did some searching around for Nina Dobrev magazine shoots and I came across a couple pages she had in Self Magazine and I really liked the looks. They were springy, young and hip for a junior crowd but could still probably be done by a young adult too. I decided to translate these looks using only plus sized pieces and there were quite a lot of options. I also kept all pieces under $50 so it was a more affordable look. Lucky plus sized teens of today with retailers actually providing you fashionably clothes!!!

Here is Nina’s Look

And here is the plus sized translation

One of the best parts about this look is that all of the pieces are really staples any curvy girl should have. The black boyfriend blazer is from Target and while it is not part of their plus line I have tried it on my size 22 self and its a great fit. The black skinnies from ASOS Curve are from what I hear, an amazing fit, great quality with stretch and reinforced seams and on my personal must have list! The Lexi Dolman Grey Knit Top from Alloy takes this look to a younger level and keeps it casual but still trendy. While Nina’s is sporting a stiletto, I thought that since we are translating this look for a teen a wedge was more functional so I paired the look with Millie Cage Wedges from Forever21. To top off this look I also added Metal Mesh Bangles also from Forever21 and the Baggage Claim Tote that we saw last week in Olive’s look from Modcloth. This outfit is hip, chic and fun with a class all its own.

Here is Nina’s Second Look

And here is my plus sized translation

I started this look with a White Crochet Lace Trim V-Neck Tank from OneStopPlus and paired it with Navy Button Tab Linen Shorts from Faith21. I then took berry colored(First Kiss) Beleted Boyfriend’s Cardigan from Old Navy for a layered look that will be great for those Spring and Summer nights or for a day out on the water. For footwear I chose the Pink Lindsey Sequin Flats to add a bit of sass to the look. To top of this look and give it a more nautical feel which I think will be great this Spring, I chose the Safety Pin Charm Necklace from Urban Outfitters and the Navy AE Women’s Tote Bag from American Eagle.

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Anika said...

It`s all about owning great fashion in our own fashionista way :) love it. Anika

Stiletto Siren said...

Thanks Anika, I couldn't have said it better myself!


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