Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Loving My Lotis Shurg - A MUST HAVE

Hello dolls,
Jessica here, Owner/Publisher of SKORCH Magazine.

Every once in a while a fabulous must have finds it's way to my doorstep via UPS. Today, I was beyond pleasantly surprised to find I received a new Cherry Red Cardigan from LOTIS Clothing (www.lotisclothing.com) out of Canada.

The fun part was this showed up right after Canada had won the Olympics Hockey Game, and my good friend Mandy was having a Canadian themed party to celebrate the win - and conveniently enough - I had the perfect shrug!

This piece truly is fabulous because of the high quality fabric, great fit, perfect length and the perfect collar. I would absolutely recommend you check out LOTIS via their website at www.lotisclothing.com.

Here are some pics of me sporting my new favorite shrug!

I'm a mom on the go - so quick easy pieces that look fabulous are a MUST!

Trying to be cool :)

My everyday at home look...the shrug definitely makes me look sassy :)


Sassy Sarah said...

Looks great on you Jessica! Love the color, really suits you.

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