Monday, March 22, 2010

Your Guide To "Plus Size" Prom Dresses

Senior year was probably the best year of my high school career. We ran the school and did almost whatever we wanted. I worked two part time jobs, one at Showcase Cinemas and then K-Mart, to pay for all of my senior expenses. As prom crept around, my friends and I hit the mall and local shops in search of the perfect prom dress. Out of my group of friends, there were maybe three of us who were "full figured". While Stephanie, Nikki and Dee could easily walk into any store and have a variety of dresses for their small frames, Amanda, Charlene and I had to do a bit more searching to find something that would work for us. I remember dying of boredom while shopping in stores that only catered to slender figures. I'd sit there smiling and nodding at all the pretty beaded taffeta . I secretly hated them for being able to wear whatever they wanted. I ended up wearing a gun metal gray long tank dress with matching wrap from Sears or Khols (sorry, it's been a while LOL I don't remember).

It has been 10 years since my senior prom. Luckily for my curvy girls graduating this year, plus size fashion has since evolved. More and more, companies are starting to extend their sizes providing you with more options for cute plus size prom dresses. Now, you can turn heads with eye popping dresses with flirty details made to compliment a curvy figure.

If you are shopping online for your dress, I can't stress the importance of knowing your measurements. There could be nothing more dreadful then ordering the perfect gown only for it to arrive and be too small. If it's too big, that's not a bad thing, an alteration shop can easily adjust the dress to fit. So when in doubt, always order bigger as opposed to smaller. Most places frown upon returning any special occasion dresses. If you are not able to go to a seamstress for your measurements, you can always take you own. All you need is measuring tape and a pencil:

So now that you have your measurements, where to shop?

Unique Vintage
Actually inspired this blog today. Unique Vintage offers a wide array of special occasion dresses. Size range starts at a size 0 to it looks like a 4x (24), but I'd definitely check the size chart that is available. As with any special occasion dress, sizes do tend to run a bit smaller

Sunshine Yellow Draping Goddess Prom Dresses - 4 to 18

Fairytale Pink, Orange, & Purple Gathered Prom Dress - XS to 2X

Sydney's Closet
They claim to offer the widest selection of plus size formal gowns on the web. Their plus size dresses run from a size 14 to 44! I mean seriously, they do have a ton of gowns to go through. It's going to be a tough decision!

Notorious 14-36

Wild Nights 14-30

Pretty Wonderful 14-36

Links to more plus size friendly places to shop for prom dresses:
I actually am secretly wishing I could re-do my prom this year. There are so many great choices available that were impossible to find when I was in high school. I am particularly fond of the "Wild Nights" dress and I'm currently thinking of way to budget that into my wardrobe for the PHAT Magazine launch party on May 1. I have time to save! If you are dreading your senior prom, don't! Relax! You have enough on your plate to worry about, i.e., finals, graduation, jobs, college applications, yada yada yada. Just find a comfortable dress and shoes and just enjoy your night. You only have one senior prom and it's a chance to create wonderful memories with your friends.

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This great! Thanks for the post. Though prom is over but I could use these tips when choosing plus size designer clothes.

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