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Review on Kiss the Curves - BY: La Viola

Kiss the Curves 2010 came to the the Historic Sweets Ballroom in Oakland, California on February 6th and provided a full-figured view of the utter fabulousness created when plus-sized beauty and contemporary fashion collide.

(KtC wrap-up by Figure 8 Models)

Kiss the Curves, the brainchild of plus model/actress/writer Tracie Collins, featured creations by designers Igigi, Corinthia Peoples, Ashley Stewart, Chocolate Sushi Couture, Marie Denee, A Clothes Mind, Tru Diva, and Isles of Paradise. Each designer brought their own uniquely flavored representation of plus sized fashion into the show. The lines ranged from chic, current business casual; to phenomenally sexy, yet tasteful full-figured lingerie. The models presented in Kiss the Curves ranged in size from 6 to 26. The one thing in common had by all of the models: fabulous CURVES!


Igigi has already become a household name for many plus-sized fashion followers. Based in San Francisco, California, the Igigi brand is reaching far past its region to offer smart, stylish, flattering designs for full-figured women everywhere. Presenting a fresh take on the chic, plus businesswoman, Igigi provides fashion that translates easily from the traditional board room to a hip cocktail party.

Corinthia Peoples

Corinthia Peoples’ designs provide a bold and eclectic series of custom, hand-made, sterling-silver jewelry. These one-of a kind designs, accented by a variety of precious stones are high quality, unique, modern, and versatile. Any one of the distinctive pieces of Corinthia People’s jewelry would make a smashing addition to any plus fashionista’s wardrobe.

Ashley Stewart

Ashley Stewart, a nationally recognized plus line, has stores all over the United States. Presenting a clean, effortlessly stylish line of active wear, figure flattering separates, and classic dresses, Ashley Stewart is the go-to for any of the closet essentials for the active plus woman. With affordable prices, as well as a wide range of designs, Ashley Stewart is perfect for any full-figured recessionista!

Chocolate Sushi Couture

Chocolate Sushi Couture is a dazzling, Asian-inspired line of funky, eclectic styles for the daring plus woman. Complete with trendy separates and a touch of leather, Chocolate Sushi Couture brings flair to everyday wear. Accented by a few wild prints, and the added edginess of leather, Chocolate Sushi Couture is definitely not a line for the bashful.

Marie Denee

The Bay Area’s own Curvy Fashionista, Marie Denee brings designs from her upscale, plus-sized boutique. Marie Denee’s designs are marked by updating classic forms with a modern twist. Ranging from classy separates, sexy and form-fitting eveningwear, and timeless shapes, Marie Denee provides an extensive view of just what plus fashion truly can be. Her designs are daring and intrepid, as well as flattering and tasteful.

A Clothes Mind

A Clothes Mind is an audacious, insanely provocative line for the plus-sized vixen. Not at all for the timid, A Clothes Mind’s designs are made to bring the sexy out of all of us. This line proves that you indeed do not have to be a size two in order to feel and look truly sexy. Simultaneously flattering and racy, A Clothes Mind allows every full-figured diva to explore her risqué side in style.

Tru Diva

Tru Diva is an ethereal, brash line; strictly for the confident plus goddess. Featuring fitted leather, blends of retro and futuristic styles, bold colors, and some African-inspired prints, Tru Diva is definitely a model of its namesake. This fearless line is for the true diva in each and every one of us. Definitely for the adventurous, Tru Diva is both memorable and innovative in its designs.

Isles of Paradise

Isles of Paradise, the final Kiss the Curves line presented, is a sensuous treat. With a comprehensive lineup for every plus sized figure, Isles of Paradise offers lingerie for every taste. From silky flowing gowns, to lace and fitted bustiers, Isles of Paradise has it all.


Tracie Collins, the creator and executive producer of Kiss the Curves was fierce in her finale. In lingerie by Isles of Paradise, she commanded the stage in an all-black leather ensemble, including a leash attached to a gorgeous male model.

Kiss the Curves wrapped with a march of the entirety of models cast in the show, flaunting their curvy confidence. With every size and shape of plus sized women present, every full-figured woman was exceptionally represented in this show.

Events like Kiss the Curves are essential to suitably coalesce the fashion world with plus-sized real women. Kiss the Curves represented the true, full range of both the plus-sized figure, as well as the fashion that women with curves can appreciate. This show was a breath of fresh air. It did not surrender plus-sized women to the homely frocks of yesteryear designed to cover up voluptuous frames. Instead, it embraced both curves AND fashion, and gave women with real bodies the opportunity to visualize the tremendous range of fabulous fashion possibilities that are not always commercially represented. Kudos to Tracie Collins for sharing this dream with the rest of the world, and bringing her vision to life for all to see.

KtC feature models Michelle & Trenell, and SKORCH blogger/plus model La Viola:

In addition to the executive producer Tracie Collins and the featured designers, Kiss the Curves also included the work of many other talented individuals:

Sterling James of The Quiet Story 102.5 KBLX

El Wanda Braynen (Business Coordinator), Marie Denee (Lead Stylist), Ardra Taylor (Media Relations Coordinator), Renee Jennings (Publicist), Frankie Enis (Financial Overseer), Dwayne Stephens (Grphics/Web Designer), and JD Angle (Technical Director)

510 Media, Mary Frazier, Ronald Fulcher, Alex Valeyev, Mia Zaidi and Classic 8 Designs

Makeup Artist:
Tracey Brown

Hair Stylists:
Petra Albin and Elle

Special Thanks to the Historic Sweets Ballroom in Oakland, California


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