Monday, February 8, 2010

Shapewear or No Shapewear?

Putting Your Curves Back Where They Belong
xoxo Nikstar

Ahh shape wear, it's that love/hate relationship. That's the type of relationship I have with my Spanx High Power Panty. Spanx gets me through those evenings when I slip into a slinky figure hugging dress and thanks to it, I recieve so many compliments on my hour glass figure. It's when I have to excuse myself to go to the little girls room that Spanx and I have it out. The double gusset is just not my friend when I have to tinkle, it just doesn't feel "right." Oh lord, and let me not forget how I had to wrestle to get them on and adjust until they were perfect, so to pull them all the way down to potty just makes me cringe. Some nights, if I'm lucky enough, I'll "hold it" until I get home for the night, depends on how my bladder is feeling and how many Effen Black Cherry and Cranberries I was able to down that evening. None the less, I love the way my Spanx and other shape wear items help put my curves back where they belong.

Shape wear has been around since the early 1800's. Unlike the girdles of generation's past, shape wear now comes in stretchy high tech fabrics that can wick away moisture and lift or minimize depending on what you need. So it might be just the thing to wear under a dress for that special occasion or to assist with the inevitable after-Thanksgiving bloating and lumpiness. Celebs such as Britney Spears, Beyonce (who I've read wears 2 pairs of Spanx during her shows) and Eva Longoria Parker count on shape wear to give them a flawless red carpet look. I'm sure all of us with round, soft ample belly's roll our eyes at the tv when we hear of these skinny minnies complaining of cellulite and tummy bulges. (See the video below from Good Morning America on celebs and shape wear)

Yes, I realize that I am fat, voluptuous, curvaceous or whatever word you chose to describe your current body type; I don't try to hide the fact that I am a big girl either. I proudly embrace my body and encourage other girls to do the same, no matter what size or shape they are. BUT, with that said, I am a supporter of shape wear. I wear shape wear pieces to make my clothing fit better, not to drop a size or two to fit into a smaller size. I like wearing shape wear under certain garments because it shapes my figure. It’s not so much about looking thinner, as it is about selecting the right foundation undergarment to enhance you where you need it. My Spanx and the appropriate bras are always in my model bag, so I'm used to purchasing shape wear pieces and control top tights or pantyhose.

I read through Tiffany's discussion topic on shapewear last week (oddly enough this was something that I had been working on but seeing as how we have varying opinions I felt that I was safe to put it up). Most of you feel that shape wear is uncomfortable or that you're not trying to hide or conceal your bumps and rolls. I agree, most shape wear is uncomfortable. Choosing the correct size is going to be crucial, as well as choosing the right piece for whatever you need troublesome area you need help with. I agree that you shouldn't have to hide or conceal yourself for anyone, eh, but at the same time, I feel that the right shape wear will make or break an outfit.

I came across BBW Deluxe and the picture below:
Notice how you can still definitely tell that she is a large woman, her shape is just enhanced. Some people prefer this look, some prefer the be a free spirit and say the before look is what they feel comfortable with. has a pretty solid guide on how to select shape wear that is right for you.
Satin and Lace Waist Cincher from Evans is a priority on my list of purchases for next week. I think it's feminine and flirty. It will definitely give me that feeling that I am wearing something sexy underneath my clothing. Of course I will have to get the coordinating bra to match. Once I nab it, I will give you guys a review of how I like it.

I want to know, what is your experience with shapewear? Do you have any pieces that you absolutely swear by? Or do you prefer to go without?


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